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Sunday, January 15, 2012

Proper etiquette and why I prefer Fitlorenzo Training Center

The other day I had a post on my Facebook page about proper etiquette and common sense in a gym setting. I was angered to see people, and by this I mean adults not conducting themselves in a proper manner.

Let me explain, I was traveling and staying at this hotel that had an okay fitness room, better than what most hotels have. As I'm training this idiot who is only checking out the girl running (and minding her own business) on the treadmill, walks right through in front of me when I was doing some burpees with dumbbells.. either he or I could've gotten hurt (and you know it would've been him... anyways).

The entire gym at 7am was empty!!! He could've walked anywhere in the gym, go around me, around the other machines, etc.The point is he decides to cut me off right when I was making my moves and he did it twice when I was using a different equipment while performing other exercises. He turns around and gives me this look as if.... I swear I wanted to smack him.

Many of my followers and friends on Facebook started sharing their take on this and how as a society whether we are at the gym, the salon, driving, the supermarket, at retail stores, at the bank, work.... anywhere we have lost proper behavior skills. It's like they don't care no more or have lost entirely the essence of common sense.

This is one thing I surely don't miss from the commercial gym setting. Don't get me wrong I miss my pals and a bit of the socializing and meeting new people... but I'm glad I'm not a part of it anymore.

Most gym goers don't clean after themselves, don't clean the equipment, leave stuff laying around, and throw garbage all over. I hate going into a public restroom and having naked guys walking around as if they are alone... I mean WTF? Bear in mind it happens on men's and women's restrooms.

Some of the comments on this topic on my Facebook page where: 

"It ties in with the spirit of entitlement that a lot of people have! It's extremely frustrating when people can't see beyond the end of their own noses!!"

Another said: "common sense is the sense less common...

And: "How do you think we who work in retail are treated on a daily basis!!! RUDE>>RUDE>>RUDE!!!! Everyday, yelling talking down to you as if you are ignorant, and for no reason, just because they are the customer. No manners or politeness. Sad"....

One guy said: "Ed it's time to drop the manners and kick some ass"...

As good as that may sound, I must say I'm extremelly happy in my new home - Fitlorenzo Training Center. It's not an open gym so I don't have tons of people all day long in and out treating the facility as nothing. We keep a clean environment and my clients are awesome when it comes to this. If anything is out of place a friendly reminder sufices. People come to this training center for one reason either in private or semi-private training they get down to business and getting in shape. It may sound simple but it's effective, it's what I do.

I realize not everyone is able to come to our training center (I wish - World domination here we come!!!) but if you are going to the gym or another training facility be mindful of the people around you, don't make a mess and clean the equipment after you're done using them. Not only is this having proper manners, but it is also a healthy measure as in a gym setting things can spread very fast.

Word of caution if you notice that guy or girl in corner with crazy eyes about to get it on and attack the weights.... get out of the way; don't talk to them, don't cross their path. They are there for a reason and it isn't you.

This month many people will hit the gym. Keep your manners and stay focused on the reason why you started in the first place.

If you are local to the Manatee County, Fl area I invite you to come in and check us out at Fitlorenzo Training Center, we are serious about incresing strength, performance and fat loss. 

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