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Tuesday, January 08, 2013

Our Blog Has Moved!!!

The Fitlorenzo Training Center blog has moved to our new website:

In our new website you will find everything from what we specialize in at Fitlorenzo, our training schedule and latest blog articles.

Please check it out, read our post and share your stories with us.

Fitlorenzo Training Center can be reach at:

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Thank you always for your trust and support!

Fitlorenzo Team.

Monday, December 24, 2012

Interview with fat loss winner: John Rizzo

Last Thursday we announce the winners of our 4th annual 21 Day Fat Loss Challenge. As we pointed out, it was our best year ever doing this challenge.

Out of all the 50 contestants one stood apart from the crowd: John Rizzo, our 2012, 21 Day Fat Loss Challenge.

I was fortunate to sit down with John, ask him a few questions and get a few pictures of him (even though he seems camera shy)... just kidding!

Here is his story:

Me: John, what made you start coming to Fitlorenzo Training Center?
John: My wife Julie had been working out with you and I noticed changes in her. After being a sloth for 2 years and turning 41, I decided to get back in shape. It is a lot easier to perform my job as a firefighter when you are in shape.

Me: What type of challenges have you overcome before in your life or while trying to fit exercise into your daily lifestyle?
John: Challenges overcame before in life are running and completing 3 marathons including the Goofy challenge " a half one day and a full marathon the next".
While trying to fit exercise in well, It is easier to just sit there and do nothing, or sleep in instead of exercising but you do need to schedule it and make it a part of daily routine so it just feels natural. I actually look forward to the workouts now.

Me: What have you accomplished since you started training?
John: I have lost almost 20 lbs and 3% body fat. I can fit into my clothes and feel good about myself. Job is a lot easier now.

Me: What are your future goals?
John: Try to get down in weight more and it sounds crazy but maybe have some abs showing for a cruise in March. lol

Me: How do your friends and family react to your changes?
John: The fire service always busting stones whether you are overweight or trying to lose weight. Usually the first question is, Are you sick? Then they start asking how you doing it and want to know everything. So that is positive.
Family real supportive and just say that you are looking good. Have not seen brother since summer and will see him over Christmas holidays so that should be fun to see his reaction.

Me: Looking back, how do you feel now?
John: I feel great now from when I started, not as tired and have lot more energy and look forward to the workouts.
After Picture

John was kind enough to share some of his before and after pictures.

Before Picture

Once again congrats to John Rizzo for his dedication and commitment to exercising and better lifestyle.

If just like John and all other participants from our 21 Day Fat Challenge you wish to find out how YOU to can get in the best shape of your life and shed unwanted bodyfat... CALL OR E-MAIL us for more information.

2013 is just around the corner, let's start the year like champions!

Friday, December 21, 2012

21 Day Fat Loss Challenge Winners!

This year our 21 day Fat Loss challenge has been our best yet ever. Not only did we have a little over 50 people in it, but the results are amazing.

Let's start with first and second place...

1st Place Winner: John Rizzo.

John lost a staggering 17.2 lbs and 3% body fat loss with a drastic change of lean body mass of 6.22. This guy not only workout hard and intense but as his wife would say he was in the zone, followed our plan down to a T and the results show for it. Great job for your commitment, dedication and results. 

Next post I'll be interviewing John on his journey during the past 2 months, especially during the 21 day challenge.

2nd Place Winner: Jassier Paneque. 

Jassier lost 13.6 lbs and 2.6% body fat with a change of lean body mass of 4.38

Jassier is a quiet one (except for when Ken is around.. lol), but comes in and works hard every day.  Very proud of you and your excellent results. 

 Though this year, these guys ran away with the challenge they aren't the only one's who had great success. I would like to recognize and mention also:

Beth Meyer lost 10 pounds and 2% body fat
Jen Kellman lost 9.6 pounds and 2.7% body fat
Scott Kellman lost 6.6 pounds and 2.2% body fat
Joey Schumaker lost 9.4 pounds, 1.6% body fat
Lee Ross lost 6.2 pounds and 1.5% body fat
Barbarann Roberts lost 7.8 pounds and 1.8% body fat
Danielle Bentley lost 8 pounds, 2.2% body fat
Dale Lively lost 4.2 pounds and 1.5% body fat
Lisa Coleman lost 8 pounds
Cindie Wiggins lost 8.4 pounds
Stephanie Luker lost 10 pounds
Reyna Wright lost 10 pounds

Certainly outstanding performances, especially in just 21 days!!

On average our other contestants lost about 4 to 6 pounds and 1 to 1.5% body fat. 

Some pictures from the challenge:


I'm proud of everyone who participated with us in way or the other during this challenge. I also want to thank some of our business friends who have supported us throughout this year and contributed to our prizes and cool gifts for our clients:

North River Body Therapies
Pets Life Naturally
Shan-T Native Kayaks Tours
The Nail Nook

Many thanks to everyone once again. Looking forward to 2013 for more challenges, contest and even better training protocols to help not only our current clients but also our community to be more educated on proper exercise technique and lifestyle habits. 

Monday, December 17, 2012

Color Run Team Bonding

This past weekend we had a team with 13 of us, from Fitlorenzo Training Center, running at the St. Pete Color Run and we had a blast! In the crowd of more than 10 thousand people we bumped into other clients and friends who on that day took to the streets to get funky, to run for a cause and get splashed with colored powder..

Our team included people of all ages, and fitness levels and everyone had fun!

This race was bananas and I now understand why the call it the happiest and most fun 5K in the world.

Along the way we got splattered through several stations of colored powder that made our shirts (and face, legs, and everywhere in between) from white to a crazy mess.

I got dumped so much color on me, that I found it in places it shouldn't be. Someone from the water station even poured water all over me.

Once I got home I took a long, long bath and after one hour in the shower I still looked like blue man group. From what I heard from the others that day, I wasn't the only one finding color all over the place.

As many of you know, I hate running for distance. But this race is one that I will definitely mark on my calendar for next year.