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Saturday, October 01, 2011



Fitlorenzo Training Center is not your average gym - we don't accept excuses - only RESULTS!!

The training center is based around our Results oriented programs that are designed to effectively get you in shape, challenge you and help you achieve your goals. We are not an open membership based gym, rather a private and semi-private training facility housing everything you need to increase performance, strength & fat loss.

At Fitlorenzo Training Center we don't just do exercise; we are the premier fitness training center for those who are serious about exercise, enjoying life, increasing performance and achieving results.


Some of our programs include:
1-on-1 Private Training & Coaching
Strength & Conditioning Boot Camp
Youth Sports Fitness 
Nutritional Coaching

Stay tune for more updates coming soon!

For additional inquiries please e-mail us or cal 941-729-5217


  1. WDiaz8:35 PM

    I just finished reading the article about your unpleasant, but necessary visit to Mickey D's. I have to be honest with you, even I have the knowledge abou thow to eat well, most of the time I feel that I'm a weak person in that matter. After reading that article it opened my eyes and my heart to start to watch what I'm eating BEFORE I actually start to eat it. I recommend to everybody to do this exercise. Before put a bite of food into your mouth, stand back from your plate, and think for a minute what you are about to put inside your system. Trust me, this simple exercise is going to help you a lot IF you want to take care of your body. I know Ed for a few years and he never cease to amaze me. You did it again....

  2. Thanks bro! You know from time to time we all need to step back for a second and realize what it is that we are doing to ourselves. We say we want to be better, look better and feel better, yet our actions tell a different story. Glad to hear you are taking action into making yourself healthier and fitter.