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Friday, October 21, 2011

I must confess...

Hey there it's your friend Ed from Fitlorenzo Training Center again. This blog post I'm writing to you today actually started off as an e-mail, but it sort of took a life of its own and so I decided I would rather write it as today's blog post.

The thing is that I have a confession to make. I was at McDonald's this morning.... There I confess. However before you go jumping all over me and saying 'what'... let me explain why I was at McDonald's today.

The thing is I've been working very hard the past several weeks getting Fitlorenzo Training Center up and ready to go. At the space we have designated for a lounge we've added the microwave, the fridge and my coffee machine (I can't live without coffee)... Finally just the other day I brought in the coffee and cups to brew it but I didn't have milk. And you know I need at least some milk in my coffee if not I can't sip it down, it's one of those things trust me.

So at 7am, after our Strength & Conditioning Boot Camp, the only place close by serving coffee is McDonald's. After thinking about it for a while I said what the heck went out and drove there. As I get into the drive thru lane, my only hope is for not having anyone recognize me there. Suddenly it hit me, I just put in the back of my car my web address so regardless everyone will know it's me.

I'm like forget about I'm already here and I want coffee. But as I'm waiting in line, I'm doing my thing as the super observant that I am; and I must say I was astound by the amount of people in the drive thru, I mean I don't visit these places so I wouldn't know. But I was like holy cow, and the place was also packed inside.

It made me think, 'why is it that there are so many people there in the morning?'... It's not the best food available, they know it, I know it, you know it... Sure they have added some new items to their menu trying to make it look healthier; I don't know to be honest how to measure those food if they are or not healthy. But I guess it's for several reasons one they are cheap, and two people leave their homes without eating. I mean we as a society continue to skip breakfast - the #1 meal of the day, the most important one - and we are leaving it up to cheap fast food joints for our nutrition.No wonder diabetes, obesity, heart diseases and other medical issues keep rising.

If there is something I've noticed through the years, is that we are creatures of habit. It's very likely then, that these same people frequently visit these places and tend to skip meals during the day. That is the problem we as a society are facing.

Some say they don't have time, it's more expensive, whatever... But put it in perspective; how much time would you spend driving to the fast food joint on a regular basis and waiting in line, cause trust me you have to wait a long time with so many people at these places. Then; go ahead and add up all the money you spend on a daily basis on breakfast, lunch and dinner... cause the it's very possible that if you didn't eat breakfast you don't have time to pack lunch and will get home to tired to even cook dinner. In the long run if you add it all up you will spend more money, more time and very likely become unhealthy in the process.

This is why we have issues and are so unhealthy. Most people are not active, eat poorly and continue to make bad decisions when it comes to food and lifestyle; something as important as this. You need to understand that food and physical activity will affect your mood, energy levels, performance, sex drive, mental focus, alertness, productivity, strength and so many other things. It is literally that important.

All it takes is some pre-planning, and after a while you will start noticing some significant changes in your body, health and overall quality of life. Of course only if you are serious about your health and fitness levels, which the mere fact you have gone through the length of reading this blog post already tells me you are. Don't be afraid of it, put the effort and the extra time, at the end of the day your body will thank you for it.

Go ahead and think for a moment how can I better myself today and tomorrow and the next. Don't overwhelm yourself trying to do it all in one day, it doesn't has to be all at once. However, choose something to focus on today and work on it.

Always remember to eat well, stay away from junk and crappy foods. Aim to exercise at least 2 - 4 days a week, even if its just 30 minutes; it'll go a long way to benefiting you.

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