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Wednesday, September 21, 2011


This week Mariano Rivera of the New York Yankees reached a milestone. He became the all time leader in regular season saves with 603 as of today (and still counting), and has a post season ERA of 0.71 and 42 post season saves (an all time best as well) and still going strong as the Yankees make a push in the post season this year.

Undoubtedly he is the best ever in his position in Major League Baseball. However what makes it even more impressive... he's accomplish all of this success with one single pitch, that's all nothing else. I mean everyone he faces in baseball knows he's gonna throw you the cutter. Sure he ain't perfect and he's been hit before, and he has lost a few games in his career. But when you enter the game (with his theme song Enter the Sandman from Metallica) everyone knows, even the opposing team that you basically lost, that's how impressive this guy is.

It ain't luck, one year, perhaps two or three with some success; but after 17 years... its not called luck, we call it greatness.

As I'm writing this, I just can't shake the fact he's accomplish all of this with just one pitch. Talk about simplicity.

What we learn from Mo is the lost art of simplicity. However keeping things simple doesn't means they are easy, but neither do they need to be complicated.

I see this everyday from almost everyone who surrounds me. We are constantly bombarded by this new diet, or this new gadget, or this weird treatment for weight loss and many confusing thoughts about fitness, that in turn makes it so complex... no wonder many people just give up.

In my opinion exercise and nutrition is something that works best when its simple and easy to follow. People come to me with questions about losing weight, dropping fat, and nutrition saying things such as "can I eat carbs", "should I be starving" or "what new fancy exercises I should be doing for this and that?" Yet in my intent to please whoever has taken the time to seek my advice often they respond surprised when I say that their programs are too complicated, they are doing too much and need to basically simplify it.

Someone one asked me, 'you know Ed I don't like running because I can't seem to run well and last enough, I lack the endurance to run. What can I do to get better?' My answer was run... After all how can you get better if you never practice? They where expecting a more complex answer and perhaps some fancy exercises. However my point to her was, you can't expect to be able to run 3 miles or 10 if you have never ran. You need to build up to it, it's that simple. And the same applies to many other things in fitness and nutrition.

It doesn't takes a rocket scientist to know eating chicken, lean meat and fish is always better than pizza, burgers and fries. Eating fruits and vegetables is better than cookies; and water, coffee and natural juices (if you squeeze them) will always be better than sodas and other high sugary drinks.

Eliminate from your diet all the clunk that is holding you back, have positive outlook and be realistic as to how much you can dedicate to exercising and gradually progress from there. If you are in doubt, that you can't do this on your own, then hire an expert who can show you the way.

Keep things simple and you will notice how easy things in life balance themselves out.

Train focused - Eat well - Enjoy life!!!


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