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Wednesday, March 23, 2011


Everyday thousands of people step on a scale and look at the number and decide they want to lose weight and drop fat. Others just look at themselves a realize they are not what you would consider fat, but don't like what they see, and so they want to transform their bodies. Everyone wants to feel like they did in their 20's or avoid aches and pains. But most people just go about their day and forget about it.

If this is you, then are you really serious about making a change? Keep in mind that reality for everyone is different, I know!! - I see it every day from the different clients that I train and the people I meet on a constant basis.

Most of us will say we want to be successful. The question is, are our actions in line with the desire outcome? Success is a journey, a process... it doesn't usually happens overnight. And because of this fact many people lose sight of what is truly important. Listen just as finances, fat loss and fitness success don't occur in a linear way. We have ups and downs but the primary objective stays the same and so should our efforts. The difference is what are we doing TODAY - RIGHT NOW - that will determine our ability to achieve our goals.

I want you to ask yourself a few questions. First: Why are you here? Why are you looking at this page? Why are you "thinking" about exercise and getting in a workout? If you can't figure it out: Are you really serious about getting in shape?

Are you the the type of person who spends money on a gym membership and never shows up? Or have you ordered all sorts of fitness equipments and gadgets (have them at home) but never use them?

How bad do you want it?

If you could set a value as to how important feeling good, being healthy, looking good and being mentally and emotionally confident; what would it be?

Some people say they are committed and that exercise and eating properly is one of their top priorities. Again the reason behind it is different for everyone, I mean I've heard it all from wanting to improve performance, to this gives me mental sanity, I want to look great naked to if I don't do this I'll die.

Then again at times it seems as if everything else we do in life is not in line with our primary objectives.

Some of the actions we take on a daily basis can sabotage our efforts. It's like without knowing it we throw in the towel, and I know I've been there myself many times I've been challenged to the point where I wanted to throw in the towel and give up... I'll admit, the fact is in some instances I did give up. Maybe I did so out of fear, doubt or other insecurities. The point is that our mind set must be in the right place if we truly wish to succeed at anything in life.

Then what does it takes to be really successful?

I've come to realize that it boils down to: TAKING MASSIVE ACTION!!!

There's a point in everyone's life when you look at yourself, don't like where things are headed and just arm yourself with inner strength and finally do what you though you could never do.

It's those times when our beliefs, values, resolve, will and conviction are put to the test... when we face great adversity in life, when we feel the most challenged and we struggle the most... It's then when you develop true character but also when most of your breakthroughs occur.

TAKING MASSIVE ACTION!! Is about choice... a choice to do something or nothing at all. A choice to do whatever it takes or just quit. They say in sports that losing hurts, but quitting last forever...

When it comes to losing weight, burning fat and transforming your body; it's not easy that's a fact. That's why many people start and quit after a few weeks. Just remember success is about the journey. There's an old saying: "there are many paths to the top of the mountain, but the view is the same once you get there".

Success then will be determined by how focused you are on your goals. It's about the little things you are doing NOW, TODAY. There's no better advice I could give you to make you realize the truth behind those words.

If you feel the burden to overcome your obstacles is too much; then having someone to hold you accountable is one of the biggest things you can do for success in anything. We naturally don’t want to disappoint anyone (if you are married you are accountable to your spouse, at work to your boss, in sports to the coach, etc). The feeling of letting someone down is a huge motivator.

There are a lot of ways to make this happen.  That is why a lot of people hire a personal trainer. It is nice to know that someone is expecting you to be at your workout and is there to push you. Also the natural support of a group is great to keep you on your feet. You can create your own groups, recruit a friend, hire someone to do it, or just keep a journal.  There is a solution for everyone.

When you realize the value of your potential, nothing will stop you! Seize the moment and take charge of your life!

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