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Friday, March 25, 2011


I want to share a personal story with you. When I started my career in the fitness industry (a few years ago), I didn't started off as a fitness coach I was just a membership sales person. All while just fooling around with the weights with my brother and some friends, we had no clue about programing design. Basically we saw the biggest guy at the gym or the most dedicated one (who never missed a day), or the hot chick doing lunges... whatever caught our attention, that's what we would do.

We've always been a self motivated group and sports and fitness has always been my passion. So I could sell a lot of memberships (the gym liked that a lot). However I found myself being frustrated when people didn't use the gym, or wasted their time just doing boring cardio or strange, unsafe and silly exercises without any notable changes. As a result people quit the gym after a few weeks.

In fact this year, three times I've ran a survey through either Facebook, my newsletter or in person, asking: "when you join a gym, do you do it just to be in a place surrounded by fancy equipment? or are you serious about changing your body?"...

Not surprisingly almost everyone responds "I want to change my body and my life". However they also admit that after a few weeks the majority looses interest and end up quitting. I guess that's the business model of most commercial gyms.

Most are only interested at increasing their bottom line instead improving your bottom line!!

The problem is obvious and unfortunately there are many so called trainers who belong to these facilities and don't actually help people improve themselves, rather they just take their money and run with it. Why would you pay someone to just watch over you counting reps, and joking about what's on CNN?

My cousin just joined one of the Planet Fitness in Orlando, FL. He's looking at me for help to get himself motivated and started on the right track, which is cool. While talking with him I was reminded on the fact that Planet Fitness CEO recently announced the ending of personal training from their facilities. Citing that their trainers are just friends for rent and are being paid to count reps.

Some of these places are just commodity clubs, a square box facility full with equipment for 10 to 15 bucks, that don't really care about you.

Listen personal training is not the problem. A quality trainer/coach/instructor should by practice (it should be the blue print) to assess you properly and design a fitness program tailored to your needs. Also to motivate, educate, and guide you properly to understand your body and how it reacts to exercise, to normal movement patterns and even how your body reacts to the foods you eat.

The reason most people quit and fail is because they lack structure, get bored, see no results and its easy to quit. Sometimes as a consumer we are fooled because we see many infomercials (and some are ok, I won't go there in this post) but this newbie walks into a gym (or maybe its an outdoor boot camp program) trains his clients here or there, they scream and make loud noises that catches the attention of everyone around and makes you sweat (sometimes) with exercises copied from P90x, Insanity, The Biggest looser or from wherever.

How is that making you better? In the long run, are you just doing it because it looks exciting, its cheap? Or are the choices you making in line with the statement above "I want to transform, change my body and my life"?

That's the difference between Fitlorenzo Training Programs and of those out there. It's quality training based on you.

Listen any trainer can get you tired, not every trainer can make you better! No matter you goals that's my personal mission.

I assume that's why only committed people work with me. I mean I see tons of people everyday and I answer questions to many about my programs, and some once they see me in action and go through my assessment understand the value of true fitness coaching.

Sometimes some say they can't afford it, but let me tell you quality fitness coaching is not expensive. In the end all the money you probably throw away on unhealthy foods, late night bar drinking and on fad gadgets and fitness programs that produce little to no results... it adds up. 

You either invest in you today or pay for it tomorrow, either way its your choice. 
I encourage you to call or e-mail me for a FREE consult towards a better you!

Dedicated to your success!!

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