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Monday, January 10, 2011


Each year once January hits every single business including fitness clubs, hand out a New Year's special deal. And it works because many people (especially those who set goals and resolutions to lose weight, be fit and healthy) join gym's, or buy many fitness gadgets and start whatever type of diet.

The sad part is that most of these folks invest a lot of money at times and end quitting half way through whatever program they are doing. Many even stop going to the gym after 4 or 5 weeks.

My friend Desmond wrote an article that said "who's to blame?".  Perhaps certain places could do more to motivate folks to continue the fitness trend and not give up... But you know in the end it's our own fault, we live in a society of lazy people - period!

Don't get me wrong even I enjoy a great discount! However a "discount" shouldn't be the reason people should wait in order to start their fitness journey. Could you imagine having to wait for toilet paper to be at a discount rate for you to finally buy some.... I mean, think of all the complications.... Your motivation is be clear and you don't wait, right? In a weird way - I want you think of your overall fitness conditioning the same.

Listen even if you can't afford a gym, a fitness coach or to buy some sort of equipment you can still be active, any exercise is always better than no exercise. You can even use your own body weight as your biggest tool!!!
And that is one of the corner stone of my Strength & Conditioning Ladies Boot Camp program.

You must have a desire for life. I personally work with people who truly want to better their fitness and well being.

I don't like to sign up a new training client or boot camp member that will not show up or constantly skips training sessions. If I charge you for my services I want for both of us to make the best of it, and that means I need to coach you!!!!

What I do is use the latest trends in fitness to provide you quality fitness & nutrition coaching. I invest my time, knowledge, dedication and everything I've got to help you achieve results. But I require you to invest your time, hard work,commitment and discipline in order to get the results wanted.

The bottom line…  FITLORENZO offers the best service at the fairest price.

And I wold dare to say that FITLORENZO is an incentive based fitness program. The incentive to apply yourself to my program is results.

So with that in mind I guess the obvious thing to do now is to offer a New Year’s special (hahaha)…

If you join any FITLORENZO program, I will give you, at no extra cost, a new level of fitness and health.  I will give you a new perspective on what you are capable of.  Along with all that, you get a less flabby a** and possibly, if you set your mind to it, a great set of abs this year.

My twist to the New Year’s Special?  Stick with my program for the first six months and we’ll celebrate your success with you in July with a special gift just for you.

Also save 25% OFF any 1-on-1 Fitness Coaching Program

* 1-on-1 Training ** Team Training ** Partner Training *
** Online Fitness & Coaching Training **

This is a limited time only offer which ends on January 31, 2011!!!

What to expect:

  • Feel Good - Look Good
  • Be Sexy & Confident
  • Drop a few pant sizes or a dress size
  • Serious fat loss program
  • All of my programs include complete nutritional guidance, 24/7 access to your trainer and complete guidance on what to do when you’re not in the gym with your trainer.
For training purposes I can come to you or we can meet at my current training location at Anytime Fitness Bradenton.


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