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Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Big time story - worth reading

I want to share a story with you today. I seriously want you to pay attention, because I know you've been down this road one way or another. This is about one of my clients, Jesse Sosa. He's a real person, with his own struggles and issues, starting with his weight.

The day I met this guy I knew by the look in his eyes that he was serious about his plan for life. He wanted to live and needed help to get it done. Though as he says, he had tried everything you can imagine, nothing had worked (and whatever did temporarily almost killed him) and so he was frustrated and depressed but not about to give up. And I'm glad he didn't...

During the last 12 months he's lost 19% body fat, over 100 pounds and lost 12 inches off his waist line. Talk about a transformation!!!

Although he still has a long way to go, I want you to read personally what this journey has meant for him… This is his story as he wrote it in a letter to me.

"My name is Jesse M. Sosa.  Since childhood I have struggled with weight problems.  I have tried every diet and every diet pill that you can name.  Some worked temporarily, but eventually had consequences and the weight came back.  Around 1986, I lost weight to about 200 pounds. 

Jesse at 303
On the outside I looked great, but the weight loss was not attained in a healthy manner and it almost cost me my life.  I was taking some diet pills which affected my vital organs.  I was very fortunate not to have permanent damage and have checked out to be healthy, but nonetheless overweight. 

In 2009 my weight topped to an all time high of 414.  I was wearing clothes 5X and my waist was 60, and my body fat measured at 60, really un-measurable, way over the morbid fat count.  I knew that I had to do something different, if I wanted my quality of life to change. It was not easy, and I knew it would not be overnight.  I had to realize that I had not become overweight overnight and that it would take making changes for life that would help me attain my goals. I make short term goals in route to my ultimate goal.

One of the most important changes I had to make were my eating habits.   
I was eating once a day and not the proper foods. Although I worked with fruits and vegetables, these were not part of my diet, ever!! I had to learn to say no to a lot of foods which were not allowing me to lose weight (Not easy).  I had to learn to eat smaller meals throughout the day. The portion sizes had to change.

Another change I made, was realizing that I had to get out of my comfort zone and get to exercising.  I had to realize that just because my work requires long hours, that this did not replace an exercise regime. I knew I had to surround myself with positive and supportive people who would encourage me to continue with my plan for life.

This is when I met fitness coach, Eduardo Lorenzo at the gym. He took the time to explain the value of proper nutrition and also about proper supplementation, and how these combined with a solid exercise program would help me lose weight, body fat and get control of life again. Ed works with me with my exercise regime and modifies the exercises and routines as required.  He’s been very supportive and encouraging. 

Since working with Ed, (about 12 months) my weight has dropped from 414 to 303 as of December 2010.  My waist size is at 48 (down from 60). I am wearing 2X clothes  (down from 5X) and my body fat is at 41 (down from 60%).

I reached my short term weight loss of 100 pounds in one year by December 2010.  I realize that I still have a long way to go in order to reach to my ultimate goal.  I know I will achieve my goal in a safe and healthy way by staying with my plan and with the help of my fitness coach Eduardo Lorenzo. I cannot stress enough the difference Ed has made in my plan for life."


I've been fortunate to have met Jesse, he's a real great guy and cares for his life and those around him. Seeing first hand some of the struggles he has faced and how together we've been able to overcome many things; reinforces the primary reason as to why I am who I am and do what I do. 

Just like everyone else along this journey he's gotten depressed, tired and fatigued at different stages. But as I constantly remind him "its about the bigger picture" and looking back I'm glad we've been able to stir the boat back on its course. I'm looking forward to the next several months as we continue to work on the next stage of his plan for life! I'll try to get more pictures of his before and and after and update this post with his success along the way...

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  1. Anonymous1:37 PM

    WOW, I cried reading this story Ed very inspiring and I know with your help he will reach his weight loss goals. I wish him Jesse Sosa the best!!!

  2. Thanks Anna! Jesse has done great and was willing to put his story out there thinking it might help others not give up.