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Monday, December 12, 2011

Tuesday thoughts....

Every once in a while when I just write what's in my head; it sort of helps my brain relieve all the stuff that's in there... my ideas, twisted thoughts and perspectives I may have on a series of things. I also share stuff that probably has nothing to do with fitness, but what the heck. I appreciate you spend the time reading my stuff and I hope that it helps or in today's case at least get a kick from it. This is whats been in my head the last few days and I'm concerned.

Let me ask you - Would you take financial advice from a poor financial advisor? Would you take legal advice from someone who is not an attorney?

Then why (when it comes to health and fitness) do you take advice from people who are not fitness professionals and are in most cases overweight, not fit and only get a commission if you buy their weight loss products? It can be vitamins shots, shakes, body wraps, dumbbells that you need to shake, diets that starve you to death, whatever... Most of these people are not qualified professionals, have no idea how to deal with your body, your needs, your limitations, mobility issues, proper health concerns, strength training and more importantly how to achieve success and reach your goals in an effective and safe manner.

I'm concerned about some of the latest "trends" in the market for weight loss. There is no miracle weight loss shake, pill or body wrap... obviously if you eat 500 calories like some diets promote, you may lose weight. If you go on a liquid diet with very few calories per day, in the short term you may lose weight. But in the long run you will lose muscle mass, energy, mental focus, alertness, sex drive, productivity, strength, you will become soft physically and you may develop gallstones, heart arrhythmias and electrolyte imbalance. All of which will make you very unhealthy.

Most diets or product lines that I've noticed suggest a very low calorie intake, way below what's considered healthy and necessary for your body functions. Then they jack you up with tons of supplements because without them your body wouldn't be able to perform. Its a slippery slope for several reasons, I'll point out two.

For starters let me start by saying I'm not against supplements, on the contrary. I believe they have their place in your fitness program and your quest for a fit and healthy body. But not all supplements are created equal, and you must consider thoroughly what supplements you're actually taking; cause some may alter hormones and other body functions. Listen supplements are designed to do just that - "supplement" or aid in the good things you are suppose to be doing - a.k.a. exercising the right way, eating healthy and trying to live a good life. If you are not doing it right you are not only wasting money and time, you may be risking your health down the road.

Second, just because something has helped one person doesn't means it will help you. Remember you are only seeing the short term "success" (if we could call it that way) that they may be experiencing. What about a year or two or five from now? Some people have experienced the bad side of popping amphetamines, steroids and other stimulants as well as living on liquid diets for years; it messes their internal system; and many have paid the price as time goes.

I heard a preacher once give a story of a man he knew in N.J. who had a tumor in his head. He got so depressed cause the doctors told him they could not operate on him and he was likely to die from it, if it kept growing. So in his desperation he decided to take his life and shoot himself. When the time came he realize he loved life and those around him so he back tracked from it. But as he stepped away he slipped in his house and the gun went off, the bullet bounced off the wall and scratch his head. They rushed him to the hospital and it appears no mayor damage was done, but surprisingly the bullet knocked off the part of his brain that had the tumor. Long story short the preacher asked... would you do the same? If you find yourself in a similar situation would you try the same? Just because he was lucky doesn't means so will you. To be honest I don't know what is of this man today, hopefully he's still healthy and doing good. But that day I tough of many things, and as I write this today for some reason I find it fits perfectly to my point above.

We live in a society of instant gratification, we want a six pack abs by mid-afternoon, we want to lose 20, 30, or more pounds in 31 days. That's unreal and even as most of us will acknowledge this fact we still want to try every fad, every diet, gadgets, surgery, lipo and whatever anyone else comes up with next.

The price to pay for increasing performance and esthetics sometimes can be very costly if done wrong or if your body just doesn't responds to it properly. Ask those who've been there and have suffered health complications as they age or even those who've been caught cheating in sports.

Exercise is meant to to improve your body, make you feel and look good. It is meant to go hand in hand with proper nutrition, and to overall just take good care of your body.
The reason as to why you exercise, eat the way you do, supplement if you are and and try different gadgets or treatments is yours only and thus of a personal nature. But next time you pop a pill, ask yourself why am I taking this, who gave it to me, what's in it, how will it help me, do I really need it, and other smart questions like those.

Sure some may view exercise as a means to an end - a party to attend, for beach season, a wedding, etc. Rightfully they expect a given result, but then they are done with it. These are the same people who are more likely to constantly find shortcuts and are always jumping from one thing to another with failed results. Every year they start with the same vague resolutions.

Instead look at the positive side of exercise, solid nutrition and proper supplementation as a ways to incorporate them into your long term desire to become better as a person, physically and mentally.

If exercise and nutrition play such an important role in your life, then don't leave it up to chance or a random suggestion from someone you may know. Seek the advice of an expert in your area and make sure whatever steps you are taking in order to improve are based on you for the long run.

Dedicated to your success!

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