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Monday, November 28, 2011

Do you kick ass... or just kind of want to?

33 days left in 2011. Looking back would you consider yourself successful? Did you dropped the fat? Lose the weight? Got in shape? Conquered your fears and became better, fitter, leaner? Have you reached your goals?....

You probably worked very hard and intensive to reach your goals in the first half of the year and proudly you accomplished them. But somewhere in between, you lost it and find yourself half way back where you started, if not more.

It can happen even to the best of us, no doubt.

But this is the thing, out of every 10 people that I know 2 are still standing strong, have never looked back and they leading the pack. 4 started off on the right path and somehow regressed a few steps (if lucky)... 4 never started.

There is something wrong with that picture, and if you don't do something about it NOW, FAST... down the road in 2012 you will find yourself in the spot you are today.

Whatever it is that is holding you back, you must figure out. Many people talk about getting fit, being healthy, dropping fat, going to a wedding a reunion, vacations, etc... all of which they seem to be using to psych themselves up into training mode. But with all the talk about the importance of wanting it, the clear question is: How serious are you?

I mean do you really want this, or do you kind of want this... There's a huge difference between one and the other.

When you kind of want it you will speak about potential goals, you will day dream with a better physique and wish you could be like the others who look awesome and always appear to be in a much more advance level than you, you will call the trainer, nutritionist, shop around for gyms, make a lot of noise... But then you back off and and blame it on obstacles, life challenges, being to busy, its to tough, this makes me sweat, and so many other things as to why you can't or won't. In the end it becomes a matter of too much talk and nothing to show for.

And if by any means you do take some sort of action it always ends up being a half ass effort on your part...  which ultimately gets you out of the race.

On the other hand when you really want it NOTHING in this world will stop you. No matter how long it takes or how hard it may be. NOTHING will stop you from getting there. Desire and passion will make the difference.

The people who are most successful in life, business, relationships, sports and in the gym... not necessarily have the best talent or where born into greatness. Simply put the most successful work their ass off day in and day out. Nothing derails them for their ultimate goal.

Just like the rest the successful ones have problems, obstacles, challenges of all sorts. Many suffer from broken relationships, scars from their past, financial problems, many are parents, husbands, wives, students, business people, athletes, soldiers... you name it.

When things go well they use it as energy to focus better, when things go down and are shitty they use it as fuel to continue pushing forward. The successful ones, those who really want it make a strong connection between their fitness level and athleticism to life, they always want to achieve greatness in all fields of life.

Listen no matter what you are going through, it affects you in your own personal way. However we all go through many challenges and have experienced many failures in life. I could write a book of all my failures.. Truth is I have no one to blame but myself. But I'm still standing, and this year besides many ups and downs I'm still here, haven't quit, I'm more determined than ever to be stronger and better for myself and those around me.

Looking forward if I want to be a better husband, a better person, a better coach, a business man, an improved athlete; then I must bring my A game all the time. If I slack in my dedication or abandon my training quest, then I'll drop the ball across the board and fall short in many aspects of my life.

I can tell with many of my clients after a very tough workout, their shirt drained in sweat, body fatigued barely able to move but are proud that they made it through. In the end they become more productive in their lives, business, relationships... its that connection that the successful one's have.

Putting the effort to improve your training and performance will make you a better person.

So listen if you "kind of want it"... stay home and realize there's no time for half assing your workouts and the things in your life. Take the time to rethink everything and the direction your headed. 

Now if your goal is to improve life, performance, fat loss; and you "really want it" then make no mistake... every rep, every set, every second, every inch of sweat counts.

Think about this next time your considering to skip or half ass your workout and nutrition habits. Keep your focus and I bet you'll finish the next 33 days strong, start 2012 on top and remain there, because you understand the importance and value this will have in your life.

Dedicated to your success!!

- ed

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