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Tuesday, November 01, 2011

Starting Fitlorenzo Training Center

Wow! So many thoughts running through my mind as I sit down to write this blog post today. Most of you who follow my blogs, newsletter and also on Facebook, know that the past month especially I've been in the starting stages of opening my training center.

The excitement and nervousness that comes with it makes up for many sleepless nights. For years I've "dreamed" of my own training center. I've worked up many different layouts I had envisioned with so many of my friends like my brother Thomas and Manolo - The Original n.W.o. 4 Life.... Anyways back to Fitlorenzo and it's beginning.

So after working, training and managing other fitness gyms, spas and training centers; the opportunity came up and Bang! right in front of my face. I mean I've been working on this vision for the past two years, but sometimes in life that is what happens; opportunities will show up in many different ways and it's up to you to decide is the one that will define me, make me better and in the process allow me to make others better as well.

I'll admit the process has not been easy and what lays ahead I doubt it'll be any easier. However its well worth it. Seeing the positive feedback from clients and visitors a like, bringing their energy and desire to better themselves is very encouraging.

But hard work is still hard work - and while training clients and taking care of other business things like purchasing, researching and other computer stuff, we've managed to work around for several weeks and started remodeling and conditioning the facility mostly on nights and weekends. This what it looked like the first day.

This is how it looked once we started adding some color.
This is when it finally started to take some good shape, it almost looks like we actually know what we are doing... hehe!

Some friends chipped in; some painted, some cleaned, some donated a few stuff and some tried to bring us pets... I'll leave it at that. And without the help of Eli, who has used all of her free time, days off, weekends and nights this wouldn't be possible.  
I got my brother and Anna working on the website, Facebook, Twitter and many things trying to get it all in order. 

I have a few projects, books, some workshops and some programming for myself and my clients that I had to put aside for a bit in order to put energy and focus on getting the Training Center up and running as soon as possible. Even my workout program have suffered some. But I know that in the end all of this work, sleepless nights, long hours, and everything involved in this process will be well worth it. A rewarding experience, not only for myself but also for those who'll take part at Fitlorenzo Training Center. 
I'll be posting a few more pictures and videos on the website, the blog and on our Facebook page. Feel free to visit us and become our friend at 

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