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Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Tuesday Rant & Random Thoughts

You know me, every once in a while I have that urge to just write down whats in my mind. I have found that by doing so I relieve some myself of some stress, I show more about me to you, and it helps with the sanity of my mind.

As always this is in no specific order, just as these things pop into my head I write them down.

1) I don't understand why people continuously sabotage their bodies, their health and basically their fitness goals.  Then they complain about how fat, ugly and out of shape they are. Listen if continue to behave and conduct yourself in the same manner nothing is going to change. Which leads me to #2

2) Exercise is very important. But you can't just throw it in all together and expect that trying a little bit of this and lot of that and then some of this, will suddenly equal fat loss and a hot body. It doesn't works that way. Your body has limits you know. More is not always the answer nor the best course for your body. I recommend: take a step back, re-think your goals and set a proper plan to get there. Once you do that allow it follow it's course. If not then you'll end up with a mess in your training program, no clue what the heck you are doing and no progression at all; which leads to more frustration. We get better not by adding things rather removing obstacles in our way.

3) We are a society of instant gratification. We want to exercise one day, eat a salad and expect to look great always, if only (of course that's a normal feeling, I would like that too). But it takes time, hard work and dedication. That's why you must allow your plan to follow its course. And it applies equally to exercise programming and meal planing.

4) With that said, you won't out train a bad diet. Forget about it!!! No amount of exercise will save you if you continue to eat crap food.

5) Stop looking at the scale everyday!! You can't go by the scale every time. Instead like I tell my clients go by how you look, how you feel, how your clothes fit, how people look at you and the overall of your body measurements and body fat.

6) It's very hot outside and the weather in Florida is just bananas, it comes and goes as it pleases.

7)  Stay hydrated!!! Lack of water causes the body to slowly shut down; muscles don’t work well, metabolism slows down, and the body goes into a shell in order to preserve energy. Look to drink at least half your body weight in ounces per day. More if you are exercising.

8) Turkish get ups and dumbbell snatches kick my ass.

9) I have to run a 5K in November... I hate running for long distances. But a promise is a promise!!

10) Sweat tea has a lot of sugar. You are better off drinking green tea and water!!

11) I see many people feel sorry for themselves and the way their lives is being played out. But if you continue down the same road, you already know where it leads. What you need is a change in direction and purpose. Sadly change will only happen if you allow it to happen and accept it.

12) Simplify your live is the key to success. Sometimes we must learn to let go. And that means letting go of the junk that has followed you for years or letting go of the junk you tend to follow. Be it people, relationships, your home town, and so many things that weigh you down. I have a friend who did just that at the start of this Summer and decided to let go, and move on into what would fulfill her life; and I'm proud of her cause shes doing what she wants to truly do.

13) Don't judge people, just let them go. Perhaps you are doing them more of a favor, than trying to hold on to them. In fact, I believe, we honor them by allowing them to move on.

14) Take time to meditate.

15)  NFL lockout, NBA lockout, possibly MLB lockout and Government lock-down is getting on my nerves...

16) I know some great coaches and I know some horrible trainers. Sometimes it comes down to how you identify with a specific person to allow them to coach to success. That being said not because you are friends with a trainer/coach means you should follow their techniques no matter what; after all its not about making you sweat, rather making you better.

17) Its funny how fast foods chains market their products like its no body business. But the supposed health products, diet pills and weight loss programs are marketed in secrets and private meetings at someone's house in a "health party or get together event". If they are that good, why keep it a secret, and why is it that no self respected fitness and wellness coach ever promotes them? Most of the time I see people who have no clue on fitness and health promoting these as the next best thing... who made you an expert? If these products are soooo good why advertise them in an infomercial at 4 in the morning?

18) There is no perfect body, but in the quest for perfection we find excellence.

19) It seems to always be a Tuesday when I decide to share my random thoughts.....

I can do this all day and just keep going and going. For now that's about right...

I hope you have a wonderful day.

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