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Monday, July 25, 2011

Cardio For Fat Loss

The last few days I've had many people come up to me and ask about the different types of cardio. Especially what type of cardio works best for fat loss.

I know there can be a lot of confusion with so much conflicting theories and info thrown out there. Some say do cardio on an empty stomach, others say very early in the morning, before or after your workouts or on non-training days, etc. Some say they'll just walk there way thin and others suggest you must do endless hours of cardio; very conflicting with folks who pray on interval training (say do cardio for just 20 minutes or so).

My take is that you must first look at your overall goals and physical limitations and/or circumstances.  For example, do you want to burn fat? or Do you want to run a 10K?

Listen the equation is very simple: if you wish to burn fat, then you must burn calories. Cardiovascular activity is one way to do so. Weight training, cardio intervals and long hours of cardio will work towards that goal and help you accomplish this.

Think about it as if you are paying your mortgage; it doesn't matters if you are paying it in cash, check or electronically. In the end you paid your mortgage, that's what counts.

The difference when it comes to your cardio program is time and efficiency. You can either walk your way thin (which may require hours and hours of training and walking) or you can do a high intensive interval training workout (perhaps 20 -25 minutes) and get the same or better results.

I always say you should mix it up, just like your nutrition and weight training - you must with your cardio program in order to avoid plateaus and have better results.

This is an example of a Time Efficient Cardio Training Program it only takes 20 -30 minutes. Click here to see it. 

Another way as I enjoy doing (since I hate running) is through metabolic workouts. Which in essence means mixing up some sort of cardio exercises with weight training into one program, either as a circuit or bi-plexes and tri-plexes... This is the same concept I use to train some of my clients and that we do in my Strength & Conditioning Boot Camps. But I'll cover more on the metabolic training in other post so we stay on subject.

So all being said if you wish to run a 10K, half marathon or do a 3 day Breast Cancer walk... then you need to train for that and it will require much time invested into your cardio program.

Take in consideration also you age and physical limitations in order to avoid injuries down the road.

Alright so there it is. I hope this information clarifies some doubts and helps you train in a more focused way. As always give it your best!!

“Your present circumstances don’t determine where you can go; they merely determine where you start.” – Nido Qubein

- ed

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