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Tuesday, April 26, 2011

E-mail from a client...

I got this e-mail today from one of my newsletter readers and thought I would share it with you. See was responding to my latest e-mail, which in part I talk about how to get yourself out of a state of insulin coma... especially after a holiday weekend of eating candy, chocolate and perhaps some drinking.

Her response (and I do have her permission to post this) was:

"Ed - Not me this year!!  It wasn't easy but I by-passed the sweets completely!  Smile

In fact, I'll share my story from yesterday....  We had a staff appreciation ice cream social at work at 3pm.  I walked through the kitchen to look at the spread - chocolate, vanilla, strawberry ice cream... full of flavor, and fat and sugar...  M&Ms, Reese's Pieces, mini peanut butter cups, chocolate syrup...  Yum!  I was so tempted!  I started to justify it to myself - I've been so good for the past few weeks, I can afford to "cheat" once. I deserve it! 

But as I looked at the nutritional labels, counting the calories and fat in just 1/2 cup, I asked myself:  Is this few minutes of bliss worth the risk of sabotaging my week of hard work and ultimately setting me back from my goal?? 

I decided it wasn't, so I got a cup of decaf coffee, refilled my water and headed back to my desk to "enjoy" my 1/2 cup of cottage cheese instead...  I know reaching my goal won't be because of that one decision, but because of the sum of all them". 

- Jen K. "

I mean you gotta love it!! Especially that part in the end where she says "I know reaching my goal won't be because of that one decision, but because of the sum of all them"...

When I got this e-mail today, I had a huge smile cause I'm so proud of her and her accomplishments.

I know that many more just like her work hard towards being their best and achieving a great body. Physically and mentally.

Great job Jen, and thanks for sharing!

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