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Friday, December 17, 2010

My mission

After training a client the other day, I engaged in a conversation at the gym with this with guy and he ends up asking me, is this all you do?

This is a guy who's pretty serious and committed about his weight training program. We've exchanged conversations here and there at some point at the gym and he see's me almost everyday. But that day after talking for a while about lower body strengthening and muscle imbalances (do to a poor training program) he asked me, 'hey so is this all you do?'... as if being a personal trainer is a part time job.

The notion is that for the most part many trainers get in the industry because they like to exercise and spend a lot of time at the gym. Hence they feel they might make a buck while at it. However lately I've heard the term "the death of personal training"... The reason simple: most trainers are struggling to make it after a few years and end up having to get a part time job, or changing careers. (It has happened to many people I know).

There could be many reasons as to why this happens. Some blame it on the economy (hey it's no joke, juts like everyone out there things are tight), others do it by choice as a part time, others just want to look at themselves in the mirror, some do not know how to get clients and are very bad with their business or people skills, some have no idea what the hell they are doing, they suck as trainer, which is pretty evident by the way they train their clients and the lack of results they are getting.

But this is why I'm shocked when at other times I've been asked the same question. Listen there is no way you can make me do anything else rather than coach, train, motivate and help folks achieve higher results and realize their potential. Day in and day out, I'm training clients, coaching online, I run my Strength & Conditioning Boot Camp programs and I take care of my end of the business as well.

I don't consider myself just a personal trainer, anyone can have you sit on a machine and count reps, using cookie cut programs they use with all of their clients regardless their conditioning, shape, form and necessities.

So there's a huge difference between me and those guys/girls because although I am a personal trainer by tittle; I'm more than that... I'm a professional fitness coach! I'm 100% dedicated to all of my clients, period! Even on my Strength & conditioning Boot Camp programs (where I have many women training at at any given time) I focus individually on each of them.

Over the years I've trained hundreds of folks and it's never been about how much I can bench press, how my abs look in the mirror and posing or talking on the phone while training program. It's always about my client, their needs, desires and what "WE" as a team must do to accomplish it. Sadly many people and gym owners hire based on mirror muscles (don't get me wrong, after all as a fitness expert we must practice what we preach), rather than hiring someone based on experience, smarts and a successful client track record.

My mission is simple: to educate, inspire, motivate and help transform the bodies of everyone I have the opportunity to work with. I tell my clients that fitness is about feeling better about you, treating yourself with the respect your body deserves. So you must take action to better your health, improve your physique and push yourself to the next level.

A few months ago I wrote an article that should help you make the best choice when it comes to hiring someone to help you. You can click here to read it: What to look for when hiring a fitness coach.

If you are looking forward to changing your body, improving your conditioning using a well rounded, simple to follow and progressive fitness & nutrition coaching program I encourage you to contact me for a Free Consultation & Assessment.

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