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Thursday, September 30, 2010


Today I had a great time training my clients. Unfortunately some haven't showed up for their training this week, all for different reasons of course, still it makes me sad.

However, here I am on a Thursday night trying to figure out what useful information I can write about. Believe me there is plenty I can talk of, but for some reason I can't shake off the idea of how many people I see on a daily basis that need to get their butt into the gym or working out at home, outdoors, at a boot camp class... just doing something and yet nothing!!!!

Everyone has their ups and down days, and everyone needs to blow off steam once in a while. I tell my clients that exercise provides that avenue but so does writing... so here it goes, this is me unplugged!

I've been told I can be a very proud person and that sometimes that's my biggest downfall, then again many times it's my biggest asset. Do you really think I'm going to take crap from anyone? Or believe all that B.S. that goes around me?

Things are bad for many people and if you are like me (for which most of it is all my fault), but do you really think I'll end up feeling sorry for myself and just thinking how bad they are?... Well I have and it's lead to nowhere. Listen I'm extremely hard on myself and I've set high standards, like they say "aim above the goal to actually hit the goal"... anything less is failure at least for me.

I demand the very best of me, because of me and me only. In the end it comes down to me V.S. me, especially when there's no one else around me. And then also because of the people who put their faith and trust in me, that I can deliver results and help them achieve the best of them. Whether that is increasing their performance in a specific sport, improving their lives, transforming the way they look and feel, you name it... because I want to be your go-to-go guy.

Yet most people just don't get it. If I could tell you how many times I get request about people interested in starting a fitness program, but less than half actually do something. Who knows maybe I'm a bad sales person, in the end this is my way of doing business, paying my bills and living my life.

But you know most of the work I do and most of the help I provide is actually FREE to all of my clients and non-clients!!! And they still do nothing!!! I see them get fatter, angry at life, depressed, sad, confused, they lie to themselves and their love ones with empty promises of being better and doing their best and yet nothing.

Those of you who know me, can honestly say I care with all my heart for everyone around me and I really want the best for my clients.

But how can I help you if you close the door on me? Just like everyone else you and I only have 24 hours in a day. Success and failure will depend on how well we use our time, either you spend it on your couch whining and eating your way to a depressing and a lousy you... or you actually do something about it.

And this has nothing to do with luck!!! some of my clients wake up at 4 and 5 in the morning to get their workouts in. Some drive 20, 30 and 60 minutes just to make it to their trainings. A few we have to train in the afternoon after work, when they are tired just like you, rather they decide to not sit and get fat, but to go and just do it! Some we train after hours late in the evening. A few with their doc's approval we trained around certain injuries... EVEN WITH CRUTCHES WHILE WALKING AROUND THE GYM!!!

Just like me, these people work their ass off to get results!!! Some as hard as it is they stop drinking and have made changes in their lifestyle (even at the expense of ticking their significant others)... In the end they get it, they see the bigger picture: if their partners, friends and spouses stop drinking and eating crap it means they care for their lives and they want to be better... a better YOU means a better spouse, a better co-worker, a better employee, a better parent, a better athlete... Do you know what I mean!

Look at what Tracy has done and Michele Adams, just to name a few. A while back one of my boot campers Kathy Marlow said to me: "Joining Boot Camp has probably been the best decision I ever made for my health. I’ve never felt better or stronger in my life. My body has definitely changed over the last 8 weeks (down TWO sizes!!!). As an instructor I am encouraging but I'll never let you give less than your all. It never gets easier, you just get better."

The secret to their success:
  1. Set a reasonable goal to work for
  2. Put everything you have into it! Why give less?
  3. Becky, Michelle George have come along way since starting their fitness boot camp and Jen in a year how much she has changed her physique and she's now training for a half marathon. 
I feel great when Jen Kellman text me and say "Ed today I ran 6.25 miles non-stop under 53 minutes, I was in the zone"...

You need to find your own motivator force. In the end losing a few pounds doesn't cut it. I remember years ago, this guy wanted to lose weight because he wanted to "be healthier".. that is not a motivating factor, it should be!!!! but its not!! So I asked him why.. .and he said because he wants to play with his kids as they grow up (he was like in his 40)... still I asked why (cause I didn't believe this was actually the real reason) anyways in the conversation suddenly he mentions how his dad died around 50 because of bad health... AH!!!!! The real motivating factor!!! He didn't wanted to walk in his dad footsteps, rather he wanted a quality life where he could see his kids grow, go to collage, get married, have kids, etc...

So find your own motivating factor, maybe you feel like this gentleman and don't want to die at a young age. Maybe you are tired of waking up every morning feeling like crap and looking at the mirror and hating what you see, maybe you feel lousy in bed with your significant other.

Until you are completely honest with yourself and understand and find your motivating factor you will never be successful. I'm sorry that's the truth...

Wow I just figured out this is one long blog post, but I needed to take this off my chest, and I feel better for it!

I'll leave you with these words: "half hearted efforts leads to half hearted results"

If I can help you in any ways, let me know... just send me an e-mail.

- Ed

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