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Saturday, March 06, 2010

Fitness Success Story

Congrats to Michelle Adams for her amaizing body transformation.

Michelle started training with me back in October of 2009 and after 13 weeks she lost 30 pounds, 6.4% body fat and over 14 inches off her body.

These are her before

and after pictures...

This is what she had to say:

"I can't remember the person who walked into Eduardo's office back in October. That person is long gone! A transformation has occurred, not just physically but mentally! I had never done a detox before and while Eduardo didn't make me do it, he encouraged it. It was an excellent start to my new body. Not only did it cleanse my body but gave me a new attitude towards food and its purpose for our bodies.

Eduardo's mantra, "You can't out train a bad diet!" was something I needed to hear! And, in order to endure his grueling workouts, I HAD to properly fuel my body!

Nowadays, you will find me at the gym training with Eduardo, attending his Fitness Boot Camp, and running on my off-days from gym. I have come so far in such a short time but I couldn't have done it without Eduardo.

His desire to see his clients succeed is very strong and if you listen to his advice-YOU WILL SUCCEED!

I am living proof!"

I can tell you first hand that not only is Michelle a great person, she also works her butt off at the gym, is super dedicated and is now working towards reaching newer goals.

Thank you Michelle for allowing me to share your story and being such an inspiration to all of us.
If you're sick and tired of making excuses, then contact me today to get started on a results-driven fitness program.

Get fit - Stay fit!

Eduardo Lorenzo, NASM-CPT specializes in sports performance, injury prevention, corrective exercises, physique enhancement, Boot Camp and weight loss programs.

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