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Monday, April 12, 2010

Ladies: Get Your Beach Body Boot Camp Now

People usually ask me why I love doing Boot Camps. In one word: RESULTS!

In essence my Boot Camp program is the perfect format to encourage you beyond your comfort zone. The best part of it is that I accomplish this by using the most functional and effective piece of equipment for training available: your own body.

Through Boot Camp you learn how to utilize your body weight for exercise training. We work every muscle, we target the four pillars of human movement (Push - Pull - Locomotion - Level Change) and we create the most effective energy system your body produces so you burn calories like hell.

The Fitness Boot Camp is an outdoor program that mixes traditional calisthenic and body weight exercises with interval training and strength training. It is non-intimidating, and I don't scream at you. Yet the program is designed in a way that I will push you harder than what you would do by yourself.

Benefits of Joining my Program:
  2. Anyone can participate, you don't need to be fit to start (just injury free) Boot Camp is designed for all fitness levels. I modify the intensity of the class depending on your abilities.
  3. You have fun!
  4. You meet new people just like you!
  5. The best Return Of Investment you will ever get, and your body will thank you for it. Think about it... it's the best bang for your buck, while challenging your body in an efficient and structured way.
Boot Camp runs for a series of 4 weeks and then renews into new programing. You can join in at any time. We workout Mon - Wed - Fri at 6:15am or 5:30pm also Tue - Thur at 9:30am. Call 941-729-6900 or send me an e-mail to get you started ASAP!

Program cost for Electra Health Club & Spa members is $99.00 non-members pay $120.00.

Don't waste time get started ASAP and get your Beach Body NOW!

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