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Saturday, March 13, 2010

Women: Look And Feel Your Best

A few weeks ago I had the honor to be a guest speaker at the "Speaking of Women's Health Event" held at the Manatee Convention Center. And I mentioned in a previous post that I (for those who couldn't attend the event) would write a recap of a few of the things we covered while there.

In essence it comes down to realizing that You can Look and Feel your best at any age!!!

Granted everyone is different and so you may have different needs or even different goals you wish to reach. For some they just want to look hot and sexy, others want to feel strong, be lean, increase their endurance, improve their overall health status, you get the picture.

What will help you achieve these things is having the proper mindset; followed by a good, sensible eating and workout plan, and you are on your way. However if it where that easy then how come many struggle to get there...
The truth is that you are failing at something and probably don't even know it. When I look at my clients program, I can usually spot areas where they need to improve their nutrition, pick up the intensity with their cardio or their workouts, and even the time the dedicate to rest. A while ago I wrote about this in another post: Why You Can't Lose Weight, click here to read it.

Nutrition tips:
  • Eat 4 to 6 times a day

  • Include some protein in every meal and eat more fiber

  • Don't drink your calories - be moderate in your alcohol and sugar drinks, if possible eliminate them

  • Start a food journal

Cardio Tips:
  • Get off the treadmill if all you do is monotonous and boring cardio

  • Start doing short 20 - 25 minutes of High Intensive Interval Training

  • If doing cardio on workout days, do it after your workout. This way you have more glycogen (energy in your muscles) to do the weight training and not be depleted by the time you need to start your workout. This process speeds up your results at the gym.

Why Strength Training Tips:

  • Strength training for women improves the quality of life

  • Reduces the risk or heart disease

  • Helps prevents certain types of cancer

  • Helps prevent osteoporosis

  • Alleviates anxiety and depression

  • Prevents weight gain and helps lose body fat

  • You feel better, you sleep better, you look better, you look sexier!

Best Exercises:

  • Lower Body: Squats - Lunges - Deadlifts

  • Upper Body: Push Ups - Bench Press - Pull ups - Rows - Overhead Press

  • Core: Plank - Hip Raises - Reverse Crunches - Wood Chops or Band Lateral Rotation

  • Always stretch and warm up properly
The studies, evidence and medical advice on living an active life keeps getting stronger and its more convincing than ever. People of all ages can improve their health and well-being by becoming more active, exercising regularly and following a sensible and nutritious eating plan.
It is my advice however, to start any fitness program with a proper and thorough fitness assessment performed by a fitness expert. This screening process will identify your strengths and weaknesses in relation to your to your physical needs and fitness goals.
To learn more about the benefit of a proper assessment and why you need it click here.

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