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Tuesday, March 09, 2010

Sunday at Roller Derby

So this Sunday I went to see two of the boot camp girls in action at the Florida Wheels, for their Roller Derby match.

Erin, Cheri and the rest of the girls were just amazing. The game is very physical and entertaining, it's not like the old days tough... they actually have some rules now.

The Bradentucky Bombers (where Erin and Cheri play) fought a good fight; yet unfortunately they ended losing by two points, after blowing a 40 point lead in half time. Again... it was a very physical game and they should all be proud.

It was great seeing Yakuza girl (Erin) and Wild Cheri (Cheri) keep their performance even when tired at the end of the game. Last minute efforts and comeback by Erin just wasn't enough to push into overtime.

Now I know where all the aggression I mean energy comes from when we meet at Boot Camp. These girls really rock!!!

You can look them up at their website

Their next home game I think it's in April.

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