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Monday, December 03, 2012

Monday Rant & Random Thoughts

Can't let the year go by without posting some random thoughts and a few rants along the way. Too many things going on between me, life, the things I see and hear from the folks who surround me and so.

These are in no particular order and is a healthy way for me to express ideas, twisted thoughts, my perspective on many things.

1. The 21 Day Fat Loss Challenge is in full effect. Looking forward to seeing some great results from many of the participants.

2. If you find yourself struggling through the holidays make sure to read this article on Getting Back On Track.

3. I hate being sick and I'm glad I'm over it. I'm done with the Nyquil, cough drops, anti-inflammatory and antibiotics. Tonsils seems to be the problem but surgery is not an option for me right now and if possible I will do what I must to avoid it. So then, I need to double up on my effort to keep myself healthy.

4. &$%^&##$@%@ My laptop overheated and died, my warranty is over and there is not much I can do. It would cost me about the same to get a new one.

5. Some people want the equivalent result of 55 years in 55 minutes. I understand why, but to be real that's never gonna happen. Hard work, dedication and consistency is the key to "progressive" results. Which bring me to this point:
6. Still mad? Many people complain about weight loss without realizing how far they've come. How much they have progressed. No matter how it is explained to them, they seem just not to understand or care. Maybe the scale didn't move a bit, yet you fit into a pair of jeans you couldn't one year ago... Do you get the picture? You have changed, you have dropped body fat and for that your are better, stronger and healthier.

7. Many people quit without realizing how close they where to reaching their goals. Listen everyone's path to success if different. But in the end the view is the same at the top. 

8. I can tell which person commits to effort, is consistent, heck I can easily tell their life habits just by looking at people - how they carry themselves, the things that occupy their conversations, they way they train, etc. 

9. Some people are just sell outs...

10. The Walking Dead is over till Feb 2013... 

11. I don't need a BMW or Mercedes car, I like my H3 just the way it is. What do I need to do to get one of the cars or earn $5,000 a month is beyond me. Even though I could make tons of money, pyramid selling has never been my interest nor do I want it to be. Honestly I don't wish to sell this to my clients. I hope you are successful in your way, I'll try my luck getting rich differently.

12. Every week a car or truck from my competitors drives by my facility (sometimes the same people), which is located in a low traffic, dead end street. I have no beef with no one in particular but it is very annoying to see you every week. If you are so interested in what we are doing, man up and effing stop one day and walk in. We got nothing to hide, but mind you if you are spending all this time concerned on what we are doing who is taking care of your clients? Please do us all a favor and be a better coach.

13. That last point makes me miss my good old training buddies, my coaching mentor and fellow trainers from back in the day. Maybe it's me but in 5 years I have come to the conclusion that this area (for the most part) is just full of meat-heads, idiots, lazy trainers, and people who don't know how to work together, improve the name of our industry, improve economy and most importantly improve our community. 

14. There are different styles of coaching and training modalities. But if you call yourself a "trainer" by profession make sure you know your shit. As a fitness person you are in a position to greatly impact the lives of those who surround you. Do what you say you are going to do, do it right, do more of it and do it with passion.

15. “One of the major keys to success is to keep moving forward on the journey, making the best of the detours and interruptions, turning adversity into advantage.”  

16. My LA Lakers team is miserably underachieving. They'll regret the coaching change and going with Phil. I'm still a fan and I don't quit on my team.

17. Stop comparing yourself or your food to what other people do or have. We are all different and will respond differently to certain foods. That being said if your attitude is always negative, that is what will dominate your thoughts and soon your body will follow. 

18. Why do parents continue to let their kids dictate what they eat? Who's the parent?

19. Everyone has their own demons to fight with. Sometimes you keep them under control and sometimes it seems like a losing battle. Whatever it is that you find yourself fighting through, keep the fight, never give in. There may be difficult days when you get up and don't like what you see, heck might not even stand to look or recognize the person in the mirror. You keep fighting, you dig deep, and crawl your way back up.

20. A great video to watch:

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