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Monday, November 26, 2012

Getting back on track

It's Monday...

Getting back into full swing after a long weekend can be hard. If you are still carrying some of the weight or bloatness from the holiday eating frenzy; or lack of sleep from black Friday shopping and perhaps even today surfing the web for cyber Monday deals and having to deal with the work week... I understand.

But listen we've got only 36 days left in the year, and so it's time to get back into full action.

It's important you schedule a workout for today. There's no other way around it. Even if it's not your best performance ever, you need to get that workout in; in order to get yourself back on track.

Also make sure to start the day by eating better or doing a post-turkey weekend type detox. And by detox I don't mean drinking pills, laxatives nor anything weird.

Try this for Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday:
  • Fast from the time you wake up till noon (assuming you wake up any time between 6 and 9) If not adjust the timing of your meal accordingly.
  • From noon time till like 8pm or dinner time just eat meals that contain lean sources of protein (such as eggs, chicken breast, turkey, fish) with veggies/greens only
  • After that don't eat anything else till the next day, following the above suggestion through Wednesday.
Fasting for a short period of time like this, will help you cut some calories, drop some water weight and allow you to get back on track into your routine.

If you are local and train at Fitlorenzo and you are participating in the 21 Day Fat Loss Challenge then just follow the plan. If you noticed the first few days use a similar concept.

Add this quick AB workout to your routine today:

3 Rounds of the following exercises
Mountain climbers x 40 reps (20 per side)
Wheel rollouts x 20 reps
Situps x 20 reps

“Life WILL knock you to the curb, but you can’t let it rob you of your NESS! Now, what’s ness? It’s your name plus ness.” – Dupree

Dedicated to your success!


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