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Monday, December 17, 2012

Color Run Team Bonding

This past weekend we had a team with 13 of us, from Fitlorenzo Training Center, running at the St. Pete Color Run and we had a blast! In the crowd of more than 10 thousand people we bumped into other clients and friends who on that day took to the streets to get funky, to run for a cause and get splashed with colored powder..

Our team included people of all ages, and fitness levels and everyone had fun!

This race was bananas and I now understand why the call it the happiest and most fun 5K in the world.

Along the way we got splattered through several stations of colored powder that made our shirts (and face, legs, and everywhere in between) from white to a crazy mess.

I got dumped so much color on me, that I found it in places it shouldn't be. Someone from the water station even poured water all over me.

Once I got home I took a long, long bath and after one hour in the shower I still looked like blue man group. From what I heard from the others that day, I wasn't the only one finding color all over the place.

As many of you know, I hate running for distance. But this race is one that I will definitely mark on my calendar for next year.

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