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Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Avoid negative thinking for optimal fitness

The difference between CAN and CANNOT are only three letters. But three letters that can mark the difference in a persons life direction.

How many times have you found yourself frustrated because "you feel" you can't do something?

How many times have you found yourself sabotaging your own efforts in whatever you may be doing in life just because you don't believe in yourself?

I'm not referring to the person who gets frustrated for, whatever reason may be, yet easily moves on and is able to maintain an optimistic outlook on things. I'm referring to the person who is overly critical of themselves. Nothing ever seems to be good enough. Everything is always viewed from a negative perspective.

Admittedly... at some point in our lives we've all been there or have experienced similar thoughts, even if just for a brief moment. So then, where do we draw the line? What makes it different for some people to take on a bad moment or bad day and move on while others stay in a state of agony, criticism, negativity and darkness?

Based on my life experiences and of those who surround me I can honestly say, at least in my opinion, that it boils down to a few things from: the way we've been brought up by our parents, work and school environment, siblings, social stereotypes, broken relationships, scars from the past, culture, eating disorders, depression, obsessive compulsions, etc. 

As a fitness trainer I see a huge connection between fitness, health, relationships, work, finances, family, sports and overall life. When you learn discipline and apply it to your fitness regimen that tends to rub off on to things in your life. Being fit gives you a sense of confidence, builds morale, makes you a better spouse, a more productive employee or a happier boss, makes you smile often and enjoy life in a better way.

I'm not saying life is perfect just because you make time to exercise. However you do develop a different perspective. Today for example a new training client of mine told me that she would feel proud of herself by sticking to a fitness program and achieving her goals of getting fit, toned, and increasing her overall performance. Her connection to starting an exercise program and life, is the fact that she already quit smoking, is dropping soda drinks and wants to become a role model for her daughter while enjoying life with her husband.

Can you think of a better outlook than that?

My point is that you either CAN or CANNOT.... but the choice is yours. Life doesn't has to be a constant struggle. And if you do find areas where you are most challenged, there are ways to make things easier or at the very least become optimistic.

The first thing you can do that will go a long way is to avoid negative thinking. Fight it as much and as bad as you can.

When it comes to exercise don't focus on things your body is not ready to do or may be impossible to do for many reasons. Focus on the things you can do and make sure you do them right. There are many people who are physically challenge and for them many exercise methods and styles of training are out of the question, however they find ways to overcome these obstacles in a constructive manner.

In my years of training I've seen many people with disadvantages, nursing an injury, beginners to exercise, very obese, etc. I would say however that a good majority of them have taken the challenge to better themselves and have done so in a positive way, finding and discovering what they really are made of.

Sadly the others have a tendency to complain, criticize, sabotage their efforts, become needy, always giving half the effort, draining themselves and those around them with negative talk, and ultimately most end up quitting.

If this is you STOP! Don't do this to yourself. Believe in your ability to change and be better.  Focus on the things you CAN control and not on things you can't. Don't compare yourself with other people, don't minimize your accomplishments, instead invest the energy on creating a positive environment and positive thinking.
Even if you feel life has dealt you a bad hand (I know s*** happens), it doesn't defines you and you don't need to feel sorry for the rest of your life. So change that and become more optimistic. Find the positive in different things that life may throw at you.

When it comes to exercise never quit and always do your best within your own circumstances.

Don't approach life with a defeated attitude or you'll miss the opportunity to reach your full potential. Use your mind the right way (POSITIVE THINKING) and you'll soon notice how better exercise, work, relationships and life in essence will be.


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  2. Thank you! I went to your website and it's quite clear you are someone who understands the concept of positive living. Personally I've found that connection between life and my fitness perspective. My goal is to motivate others into doing the same... keeping an optimistic mindset, as nothing is impossible.