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Wednesday, March 14, 2012

What personal trainers don't need and sometimes do

It's absurd... but that is life... at some point we have haters.

A lot of people I know tend to make up their mind about you even before they have met you. Perhaps because of something they've heard or read about you directly or through a third party. Often times people who are acquainted with us may take something we say or do out of context... whatever it is, what I do know is that people become critical for many reasons.

In my opinion most of the time it happens because You Have What They Don't Have... Let's face it: people become haters because you have money, you look pretty, you are athletic, popular, successful, because you look and live a happy life, or because they've made an assumption about you as to being irresponsible or not trust worthy; and sometimes its just because you are an ass and you deserve it.

Maybe hate is too strong of a word, then again haters are haters... they try to criticize who you are and what you stand for.

Two clear realities: You can't please everyone and surely not all the time. Second you are not perfect and are bound to make mistakes from time to time.

Personally I live by that reality. This is why I don't get rattle up when people criticize me. There are critics of whom some are friends, clients and business minded people who are out to help you grow financially, mentally and physically and I for one, try to surround myself as much as possible with these type of people. On the hand we have critics who are plain haters and try to bash your rep just because.

To be honest I don't spend too much time thinking on this, yet I find it amusing at times... and there's a reason why I'm addressing it today in my post.

It's sad when fitness professionals trying to pull a marketing stunt turn to bashing others. The length of things I've seen them try and the things some of my clients tell me they've done is ridiculous. Around my location there are a few gyms and personal trainers trying to make it just like any other business. But in this profession I'm surprised (at least with the majority surrounding me), that as professionals they choose not to reach out, to network, and perhaps work together, learning from one another and helping each business.

Just like the medical and legal field no two trainers are alike. And for the most part we have different specialization. The problem with a few I've noticed is that they don't specialized and instead try to be everything to everyone... That's not possible and instead of helping the folks who reach out to us we are hurting their bodies and making them dumb in the process.

I've heard some crazy stories about boot camps, crossfit, nutritionist, yoga, gyms running themselves out of business and personal trainers doing crazy and dangerous workouts with their clients just because it looks cool and they want to impress their clientele.

My take is very simple if there is a problem, almost always it's not the training concept or the style, rather it comes down to bad coaching.... hence the trainer who is training you. Listen I've gone on Youtube and seen some ridiculous training videos, then again it takes me 30 seconds of watching real pros do it the right way to figure out that most videos online don't do justice to proper training modalities.

As a professional I don't need to go out and bash what others are doing. That's not what I'm all about. I find my time better spent learning more and concentrating on program design for me and my clients. I enjoy learning from other professionals in this industry as a ways for me to excel professionally. That is why I every year I make sure I invest in seminars, workshops, continuing educational courses, and I subscribe myself to some newsletters and podcast among other things. My regret is that I don't get to do it more often. Those training concepts, techniques and business resources I learn I incorporate them into my style of training and pass it on to my clients and fellow trainers.

What I don't do is get caught up talking about what others are doing. I prefer to concentrate my attention on my business and my clients who need my coaching.

As for having haters, I take it as a sign that I've been noticed, that I'm on target and that I have a solid following who think I'm doing a great job training them.

As a trainer I believe us as professionals we need to:
  • improve our training resources
  • learn from other professionals and continue that growth
  • communicate better - especially with our clients and people who often reach out to us
  • don't be afraid of other trainers especially if they are mentoring you. Your clients like you already and if you focus on them while doing a great job, nothing will distract them from following you.
  • understand that not every client is meant to be by your side forever. We train them, we educate them and we let them go.
  • don't be a hater of other trainers. Focus on yourself... focus on being better than yesterday and inspire your clients to do the same
To my fellow readers and clients, the fact that you are still reading this.... means you take your fitness performance seriously.This is my advice:

  • make smart decisions choosing your training program
  • communicate better with your coach, don't hold back and let them help you be better. If you'd seek their advice don't think your smarter... if you actually are, then you're in the wrong place
  • understand your limitations
  • the above being said: STEP UP AND MAKE A DIFFERENCE YOURSELF

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