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Thursday, June 09, 2011


I had a conversation with a close friend who’s been trying to lose some weight and drop body fat. He’s done well in the past and has managed to bring his weight down and keep it there for a while. He’s a strong guy; he was very athletic when younger and can still hold his own when competing. He’s a smart guy, and wants to dedicate more time to his health and physique. Just like everyone else (at least almost everyone I know) he’s freaking busy so he needs to manage and find ways to make it happen. What struck me during our conversation was when he said “I know I can lose a bit more weight, and drop some good body fat; though I know I’ll never look very slim, have a six-pack abs or be like I was when younger”…. I’m like WHAT???? WHY NOT??? WHO THE HECK SAY’S YOU CAN’T?

It’s not the first time I hear this way of thinking. Many times I get an inquiry from a client, a potential client or just a friendly conversation with one of my peeps, saying I want to lose weight, get in shape, look good and feel better. As we go over the details as to what to be expected and what they’ve done so far, almost always I get an “I’m willing to work hard, be dedicated and follow your guidelines, Ed. But I know I’ll never be a size this or that again, or I’ll never look like an athlete again or feel how I used to back in the old days”…

Listen give me one good reason as to why you can’t achieve your goals? Be a size 4 or 2; drop your body fat to a level that is not only decent but will make you proud and the envy of everyone around you?  Other than you saying “you won’t, you can’t” (basically not believing in yourself) there’s no reason as to WHY NOT!!!

I mean seriously, what is it? I’m shocked as to how many times I get the same answer. One day I pressed on one of my clients and she finally accepted that the reason was because she didn’t wanted to set high expectations so that when she fails, it would be alright…. 

Again: WHAT??

There is no reason in my opinion as to why you can’t reach your goals and become the best version of you, right now. I’m not saying it’s an easy process – I’m just saying it’s not impossible.

Maybe you are not to blame entirely; after all we’ve become a society of instant gratification. We want everything right now, in an instant. So when you decide to start your fitness program you are expecting results overnight and when that doesn’t happens you get disappointed, discouraged, angry and you may even see it as a failure cause you tried and nothing. 

Then again it’s not a big disappointment because you didn’t set high expectations or any real ones for that matter. 

On the hand the reason could also be that you are just lazy. Please note my intention is not to offend you, rather put some truth into this. 

Ask yourself, am I really putting all my heart and effort into being healthy, fit and living life the best way I can? Am I a real role model for my family, for my kids or am I just a joke for them… I preach to them to be active and eat well yet I take them to eat burgers, fries, drink sodas and let them get away with anything, while you also eat yourself fat and have many other health issues? 

Do you spend your weekends drinking with your buddies expecting on Monday to have energy to go through the day, none the less get through your workouts? 

That lifestyle will never produce real, permanent results... simple. 

Stop making excuses that you can’t exercise or eat well because you are busy, you’ve got work, vacations, or the economy is tight, so on and so forth. 

Stop allowing other people and circumstances dictate what you do with your life and what you can get out of it. You are in control.  Always remember that!  

As I’ve said before it takes a strong belief system to keep yourself on track. 

Look at the goal, prepare your mind, get rid of the naysayers, the bad company, and the negative thoughts and decide to work your butt off until you reach your goals. It won’t happen overnight, but your constant effort and dedication will lead you into the right way and ultimately to a better, leaner, sexier and healthier you.

Isn’t it worth it? 

Listen believe in yourself, as I believe in you!

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