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Sunday, May 22, 2011

Fat Loss Success!!!

Congrats to Angie!!

This past month she took the challenge to better herself and her nutrition. She's such a hard worker and it has paid off.

Hard work, dedication and discipline always works!! Between being on target with her nutrition and consistently working out she managed to lose 10 pounds, 4% body fat and over 4 inches off her body in the last 28 days!!! Truly amazing and such an inspiration. 

1) What made you start coming to FITLORENZO Boot Camp?
- The idea of a "boot camp" sounded perfect for me.  I've always been an active person my problem is that I get bored easily.  Going to boot camp, I never know what I'm going to do or what body part I'm going to work out.  It's always something different and that's why it works for me.
2) Were you nervous when you first started?  How do you feel now?
- I wasn't so much nervous as I was excited to get the show on the road.  I love the class.  I'm glad I joined.  I've been pushed beyond what I thought was my limit and I don't think I've even reached my full potential yet. 
3)  What have you accomplished since starting? Was it easy?
- I've managed to lose a little over 4% body fat, 4 inches and 10lbs in 28 days!  It wasn't the easiest process to start with but it got easier as I stuck with it.  I was pushed harder and harder at each boot camp and knowing that I had someone just a phone call (or text) away to answer my "what can I eat" question was a huge plus.
4) What are your future goals?
- My future goals involve sticking with FITLORENZO boot camp.  One of my goals is to have toned abs...I feel like I'm almost there thanks to ED.
5) How do your friends and family react to your changes?
- My friends notice how I watch what I eat, what I order at restaurants, they see how strict I am with my eating habits and they are the first to comment on the change in my body.  They notice the difference before I do.  It's no secret of mine, everyone knows that I train boot camp style :)  My favorite part is when I go to a family bar-b-q and I look younger than some of my younger I love that!  Not only am I staying in shape but it's keeping me looking young!  Gotta love it!
6) Looking back how do you feel now?
- Looking back...I'm glad I met Ed.  I'm glad he started boot camp and I'm glad I joined.  I'm stronger and leaner because of it.  I feel FABULOUS!
Well done Angie - I'm proud of ya!

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