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Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Tuesday Rant & Random Thoughts

So today I find myself with some time in between clients, and decided to just write about a few things I’ve got on my mind.

Do understand this is by no means in any order, however sometimes in life you get to a point where you have a lot of stuff in your mind and you need to share it. I find it pertinent when I write I am able to express myself better, though not always “politically correct” or “grammatically correct either” as Michelle always points out to me…  hehe

Tuesday Rant:
1) There’s an ad on TV about how every car out there compares itself to the Camry… if that’s the case the question to the consumer is: why not actually buy the Camry and not the knock off or lower quality car? Listen I’m not judging the car… I could care less I drive my Hummer proudly (even with gas prices sky-rocketing).  The reason why I share this, it’s because the analogy fits well with your fitness trainer. If you are comparing this person to me constantly as to how they don’t do this like me, or treat you this way or that way and how they lack knowledge in many areas and how once the training session is over you find yourself lost because you have no idea as to what you are supposed to be doing..  Yet keep telling me you follow my newsletter, blog and other fitness advice, and then go hire someone else as your “personal trainer” (while in the process you follow all of my advice only during your training session you have that person next to you counting reps)… then why even bother?  I don’t get it!! You know how many “personal trainers” I’ve seen destroying their client bodies with dangerous, ineffective and stupid exercises. I know the problem; I just figured it out the other “personal trainer” charges you $5 bucks less per session… Really?  Seriously? This is your body and you only have one, hiring the wrong coach could mean you wasted your talents – hiring the wrong doctor could mean you could be misdiagnosed… maybe a little too late, hiring the wrong hair stylist means instead of blond highlights your hair turns green, hiring the wrong fitness trainer means you’ll get no results, learn nothing and find yourself in the same spot a few months down the road!!!

2) Weird last time I decided to rant on my blog it was also a Tuesday!!!

3) My TV is dying… “gulp” Last time I said I needed a new laptop (checked got my new DELL three months ago) and I also needed a flat screen TV… it’s still on my wish list.

4) WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU DOING? DO YOU CALL THAT EXERCISING? The most dangerous thing - is not knowing that you do not know (does that makes sense?). Let me explain, people waste their time in the gym, sometimes more is not better. Killing yourself is not the path to a better body.  For instance, there are many exercises I see people perform at the gym that makes me go nuts and wonder WTH are they thinking? The list of such exercises, especially those that are machine based is considerable, for the most part some of these equipments are designed to “facilitate” an exercise move, yet they force your body to move in planes your body was not designed for and in the long run will actually cause harm to you. In case you haven’t noticed your body was designed to move and be active, and to move as just one unit. The saddest part some of these exercises is that I’ve found many of them in popular magazines as a must do and I’ve even seen “trainers” recommending them to their clients. Listen educate yourself properly, if that is not an option hire fitness professional that is.

5) That being said; if you see me in the gym while training (me or my clients) and decide you want to copy some of the exercises; go ahead just pay attention to form, technique, pace and rest periods. I mean if you are going to do it – do it right. If you have a question go ahead ask, but no while I’m in a training session, out of courtesy to my clients. Thanks!

6) Training through mild injury (actually any injury) sucks! But if you are fortunate (SMART) enough you can use it as a learning experience, especially to focus on your weak areas. This in turn will not only increase your knowledge but also will make you stronger and better.

7) Albert Einstein said: “try not to become a person of success but rather a person of value”… Every organization, business and individuals has a set of values; some are poor, negative, and unproductive; while others are positive and productive. Keeping my word, being truthful and serving you over anything else is my commitment.  I’m not perfect nor do I know it all… but I care about you!!

I think this is good enough for today. If you made this far down I thank you for reading; I probably needed to do this today for myself.  I hope however I’m able to share some good tips with you!

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