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Saturday, January 01, 2011

New Year Fitness Resolution Part 2

2011 New Year's Fitness Resolution... seems like every time January comes along it becomes the best time of the year. People of all sorts start making resolutions, their attitude is up-lifted, and we start making promises as if January is that month where there is a special "reset" button one can press and magically you feel as if you can do anything and become everything you've always wanted to be.

Personally I have witness, that after a while most people lose enthusiasm and all of those resolutions seem to fade as time goes, and it then becomes the next year resolutions or something completely forgotten.

Why is it that we keep doing this to ourselves? Lasting changes take time, it won't happen overnight. To make real changes in our lives, one must take a good look in the mirror. And while we look at ourselves, we must try to look deeper, not only our physical aspect but who we really are and what we want out life. Are you happy with your current ways? Are you happy with you career choices? Are you in control of your life and have a good grip on your relationships (being romance, business, family, friends, YOURSELF, etc)?

Once you set these things in place you can then make a serious commitment for change and personal improvement. But if you have a bad attitude towards life and fitness you have already set yourself for disappointment. For example most people tend to use to many negative thinking as a way to justify things. Have you heard yourself say one of the following:

- I don't have time
- It cost too much
- I'm too busy
- I have kids
- Exercise is painful
- I have no clue what to do
- Exercise is boring
- I hate cardio
- I need to think about it
- I've tried many diets before and failed
- I lost the weight but gained it back

All of these negative ways of thinking can seriously kill your chances of achieving success. Honestly for how long do you think you can keep yourself within a certain fitness program, before you find ways to get out of it and quit?

There is no reason why you can't do this, anyone can; granted at a different pace.

Through my professional experience I've seen people with kids, sometimes with 2 jobs, family responsibilities, single, married, busy, with some knowledge of fitness and others with no clue whatsoever as to what to do. However there is a group that stick to their program and then there are others that don't. Some folks say, we'll it's easy for them; excuse me???? EASY??? I don't think so, the difference between the successful ones and those who quit always comes down to commitment. These folks don't refuse to eat unhealthy foods, and skip on dessert just because one day they woke up and suddenly quit... rather they have chosen to live! And some of their decisions don't come easy, they may look simple... but they are not easy.

I've said it before crappy food leads to crappy bodies. And a crappy lifestyle will lead to a crappy life, it's just that simple. Even when circumstances change that doesn't relieves you from your responsibility. If you make a promise to yourself you must keep it no matter what.

Don't get me wrong, there are days when the alarm goes off and you are hit with the dilemma should I hit snooze button or get up and do what I'm supposed to do (I've been there many times). The decision will be based on how strong your desire for excellence is. How strong your sense of commitment, and will power is. What is your vision , your goals and how bad you want it.

And to set an example think of many athletes. Bob Costas was quoted saying "champions don't become champions in the field - they are merely recognized there". Whatever you see on TV, the Olympics or another sports game its the result of time while in training mode. When I see someone perform at a high level I'm most impressed not at the end result, rather the journey with struggles, failures, sweat, pain, desire, passion and how discipline they must be to their work ethics and training program. They have developed the qualities that defines their character through hard work, caring for their bodies, eating well, and doing the small things right.

We do not need to be professional athletes to take care of our bodies, eat well, exercise regularly, rest enough, drink water and think positive.

All you need to do is believe in yourself. If you can dream it, you can achieve it. Like the Nike slogan says: just do it! Don't wait for tomorrow, or someday to get started. Don't wait for the perfect time neither cause it'll never come. As I'm writing this I got a text message from one of my training clients and she was so excited cause she was able to fit into a gown she hadn't for a while and since she started her journey to a better self, she's had to make four extra holes in her belt! Reading it I felt like WOW!! It reinforces the message in this article.

Today is the the day you should decide to make yourself better. So use your New Year Fitness resolutions, not as some words you'll toss at a party or brag about with your friends. Make it real and make it permanent.

Dedicated to your success and to a higher level of fitness!

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