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Friday, October 22, 2010

Determination: the driving force to success.

Many people would like to be fitter, lean, sexy, healthy and much more, yet few actually put in the effort that is required to achieve such body. Sure sometimes it can all be vain, sometimes its a lifestyle we choose, or a goal we need to meet. Sometimes it's about having to be healthy and in the best condition possible.

For me this is what I chose to be, who I am and what I want out of life. I am my own battle field, and I fight... I don't back down even when sometimes failure is knocking in my door steps.

Listen nothing worth comes easy, it takes hard work, commitment and determination to succeed. You have to have a purpose in life and a drive to accomplish things. Every day I see people start a fitness program, saying they want to be healthy and fit and sexy. Sometimes its an e-mail I get from people asking about my services and what is required in order to be lean, drop fat and look sexy. The answer is the same: hard work, consistency and determination.

Some joke around about their weight and status in life, about how they got there or why they can't do this or that. I think we do that in order to have an excuse to hide behind it. I had a friend who said that behind every smile and laugh there's always a different story, the truth that haunts us day in and day out, and for every person its different and everyone has their own demons they must fight.

Honestly, who wakes up every day happy of being fat, unhealthy, sad, depressed, unloved, insecure and weak?

If you want something, fight for it!!! Never Back Down & Don't Give In To The Nay-sayers!

The difference from my clients who achieve their best (at least the one's I could say are my top 1%) is pure and simple: Determination!

Sure their training program, nutrition coaching and cardio is important... but it's the drive, the will to succeed that makes these people have success. Some drive from far away, after work, get up early, sacrifice time from other things, even make room in their budgets to fit their program into the equation. Some even train through certain injuries, with crutches around the gym.. I could go on and on.

Would they rather sometimes stay home, not go to the gym, wake up early and go workout. Would they like to indulge from time to time, give in to temptations? Sure... but they don't!! And when they do (after all were all humans), then they work extra hard to compensate and make it right.

The message is clear, these people don't quit at the first sign of problems or obstacles, they know what they want and they go for it.

The following is a video of total inspiration: I have a soul. Watch it and I hope you can find your drive to success!!

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  1. Anonymous12:17 PM

    It is truly incredible to see someone who starts with so little and takes on the will and determination to succeed. I don't have much but i certanly get by ok, and sometimes I don't want to get up and go workout cuz I have a confy bed,warm blanket and don't want to get up. Then decide that i can always go another day. This video is really inspirational. Its an eye-opener.Fight for what
    you want, learn to thrive in the worst of circumstances and never give up. Someone is always worst off then you. If they can do it. Then was is our excuse.