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Thursday, October 21, 2010

Holiday Survival Fitness Tips

I'm actually concern with the arrival of the holiday season. Truth is most people splurge over the holidays and since Halloween is just days away it's only fitting we speak about this. 

Halloween is the first major calorie bump on holiday road. Most people will host or go to parties, eat candies, eat all sorts of food and drink alcohol that will only make us fatter. So what can we do to limit the damage to our waistlines? 

When it comes to your kids, let them be kids but limit the amount and the type of candy they can eat. Plus make sure your get your kids on a regular activity/sports/fitness program, child obesity is increasing and it's a serious problem. So as a parent please set the example. 
Eating too much candy has a bad effect on your body. It loads you up on sugar which cripple's your body abilities to burn fat. And a combination of too much sugar, lack of exercise and depending on the parties you go (bad or excess food and alcohol) can destroy your metabolism, which will contribute to your weight gain during the holidays. Click here to read how alcohol makes you fat

My mission is to help people be fit, stay fit and appreciate their health. So with that in mind here are some basic rules that I've come up with to combat the potential catastrophe.

1) Limit the candy you eat to just one. And if possible eat only dark chocolate for the extra health benefit.

2) Eat a healthy snack of meal before going to a party, this way you'll be less tempted to eat unhealthy foods or too much candy.

3) If you are buying the candy, don't buy more than is necessary. That will only make you and others eat more and leave room for leftovers which is a big no-no. So if you have leftovers... get rid of them!!! Throw them out. I know, I know.. but it cost money. Listen "it's not a waste if your saving your waist".

4) Don't skip your exercise program to go to a party. instead make sure you get an early workout and be sure to add and extra 20 minute cardio the next day to burn off some unwanted calories.

If you are not a regular exerciser then what are you waiting for!!!

6) Buy your candy at the last minute to avoid eating the candy ahead of time.

7) For those with kids... stay out of their stash!!! But do keep an eye on what they are eating and limit how much they will eat. 
7) If you are a woman please join us for our Holiday Boot Camp Challenge starting November 9, 2010 to combat the holiday weight gain. Men and other women can follow our online training programs and personal training "6 Week Burn The Holiday Fat" program.

Be smart about your choices this holiday season starting with Halloween. And hopefully you'll avoid being haunted by the weight gain weeks after that!

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