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Saturday, October 03, 2009


OK... this is it!

Right now - today, YOU HAVE THE OPPORTUNITY to close out the year like a true champion.

With 90 days left on our calendar till year end my question to you is…ARE YOU READY?

Maybe you tried it all year long or maybe for whatever reasons it was put aside... but did you reached your goals, did you loose the fat, build the muscle, increased your performance? DID YOU BUILD A BETTER BODY?

If this is you then, you need to do something different. Why you ask? Because all progress in life begins with a change, a plan of action and execution! How great would it feel to look back in time and remember with ease the moment you read this… YEAH that’s true my friend, you’ll be amazed and blown away with your life changing experience. But this is the thing I'll only be able to take in 4 people into this program since I'll be so dedicated to you during this process I want to really be focused.

Imagine what you can accomplish in these next 90 days.
• Is it to loose weight • Become healthier and enjoy life to its fullest
• Increase your performance and take your game to the next level • Are you coming back from surgery or other rehabilitation program
• Do you want to be strong and show off your body

Put into your mind that everything in your life will improve the moment you reach those goals.

What you get:
• Detailed 90 days weight management nutrition consultation plan based on you
• Massive Exercise Program & Cardio Action Plan design to transform your body
• 48 Professional Fitness Training Sessions
• Bi-weekly Coaching Sessions with phone and e-mail support
• Measurement and accountability tools to keep you focused and consistent
• 5 Fitness Assessment readings during your program
• Two 30 Minute Deep Tissue Massage Therapy Sessions
MONEY BACK GUARANTEE!!! *** (certain restrictions applies)

My goal is to simply help you achieve your goals and my success depends on your success.

How much will it cost to dramatically increase the chances the last 90 days will be your best 90 days. Well, how much is that worth to you?

Yes! There is a cost for the program and it comes with a MONEY BACK GUARANTEE!***

If you are intrigued, motivated and ready to give it your all, I invite you to start on my program, the 90 Day GET IN SHAPE - FINISH STRONG CHALLENGE!

Call me today and get started on the journey to the BEST of YOU!
Phone: 941-301-9352 E-Mail:

Since I'll be so dedicated into managing this program for those who enter it, I'll be only taking the first four persons to sign up for this program. SO HURRY ACT NOW!!!

Author: Eduardo Lorenzo, NASM-CPT specializes in sports performance, injury prevention, corrective exercises, physique enhancement, Boot Camp and weight loss programs.

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