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Sunday, March 08, 2009

I got several e-mails from my post on Feb 25th, in regards to, how to reach Fitness Success.

It was very interesting since it appears I was vague on my thoughts or I felt short to address the issue.

The issue here I can understand a bit. But my posting was about all the hype over fad diets and fitness programs that we get so confused on what to do, hence, most end up doing nothing or quitting after a couple of weeks.

My main point is that for the average fitness enthusiast (mainly newbies) they need to disregard a lot of the sea of information floating out there and focus on the basic tenet of regular, consistent exercise and healthy eating. Obviously if you train for bodybuilding, sports or other specific conditioning program you need something more elite and elaborated. Usually these athletes almost always have the advice of a team of expert added to their years of experience.

Basic line is if you are not active enough, don't expect to be in good conditioning. If you don't eat well enough or decent for the sake of it, don't expect to see a major weight loss or gain in muscle. And this I realize can spin in so many ways, but the bottom line: a diet high in burgers and fries won't cut it; So COMMON! Let's be real folks!

Consistency is the key to getting the job done; never miss a workout, don't skip meals, hydrate your body sufficiently and stay active. Most people who do this usually report a healthy loss of about 1-2 pounds a week... it could be more or less. Yet remember everyone has a different body composition, and will start from different fitness levels. Regardless, you should manage and see some good results "IF" you are consistent.

On a personal note, I usually get e-mails with tons of questions about training, eating well, cardio and hmmm... other weird stuff. Anyways I wish I could respond to everyone... that is not the case and I apologize. Yet you do know I offer my personal coaching, in which as I have mentioned before I am able to work for you into making you better at all levels of fitness. I know that today's economics are though and not everyone can afford a personal coach. I get it, however I've manage to develop some programs that most of the time fit into basically 90% of everyone's budget.

If you are serious enough to get in the best shape of your life and in optimal conditions then you must contact me in regards to this specifically and we'll see what together we can accomplish.

Remember any trainer can get you tired...

But a true Fitness Specialist will make you Better!

For advice and your own personal program e-mail me as I look forward to hearing from you!

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