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Wednesday, February 11, 2009

A-Rod or A-Roid...

I am a die-hard Yankee fan so no surprise I ask myself, A-Rod what have you done? Truthfully I think we all knew that him along with so many others who will eventually come out to public did some PED (Performance Enhancing Drugs). But what I can't seem to understand is that of all people, he didn't needed and edge, he arguably has the best talent in baseball, definitely the most money and was surely in the Hall of Fame.

However there is a lesson to be learned, insecurity and ignorance can lead to disaster. Look at his career as so as Barry Bonds, Clemens, and so many others that are now tainted, probably for life. Yet some of these have accomplish what probably no one has ever done. I mean I wish I could break a HR record or dunk from the 3 point line... it ain't gonna happen. Maybe Lebron might try it one day... although I don't like him.

The point is, was it worth it? If I ask Canseco, he'll say hell ya! But he's an idiot. On the other hand the bodybuilding industry is based on idea of breaking your anabolic state in order to create this beastly body. They pay and live for this, and we all know, just by looking at their bodies something is in it.

Does this mean supplements are bad for you? Are there alternatives or can I actually get an edge and build a great body and increase my performance if I play sports?

I'll follow up this post with the proper answer and some guidelines.

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