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Saturday, February 14, 2009

Partner Training can improve your Performance!

Every time we do something in the company of good people we feel better and more motivated. So it makes sense that when you are training in the gym with a friend, your performance can greatly improve. You will see better results, get more motivation, work harder than if you where there alone. Your gym partner however needs to be hard working because if he/she is lazy you will also become lazy and find yourself spending 2 hours at the gym just talking. You should also ensure that your gym partner at least shares some of the goals as you do when it comes to fitness and health.

This way you can establish some positive competition between you and your friend. This is because positive competition usually acts as a motivator; you will be able to push each other to more and more.

If you get the right partner or buddy to train you will be able to accomplish the following:

  1. Boost your level of motivation
  2. Create accountability of yourself; if you know they will be there and you have an appointment you won’t let them down and therefore won’t skip on your workouts or be late. This in turn keeps your consistency in high gear!
  3. Keep an eye on nutrition, including how much liquor we might have when at social gatherings. Your partner will always keep you on track of your goals.
  4. You will train safe!!! If done properly a good spotter will help you push a few more reps and sets on your workouts, but also make sure you keep proper form, technique and avoid injuries.

What if you can’t seem to find that right partner to train? Well don’t give up on your fitness quest just because of that. Training alone allows you to focus more on your own training, your strengths and weaknesses. Hence, choosing the right training program will be key to your success.

You can always explore the option of hiring a Fitness Specialist who in turn will be able to assess those strength and weaknesses, tweak your training, nutrition and cardio programs. Investing in you is the best way to stay healthy, especially in tough economic times. The better our health is, the less we need to spend in healthcare and other related issues.

A Fitness Specialist will definitely keep you motivated and accountable of your fitness goals; but most importantly will help you maximize your efforts and time while at the gym, delivering faster results that everyone will notice.

Like the old saying says: two are better than one!

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