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Friday, August 19, 2011

Who Do They Think They Are?

Listen I want to share with you some thoughts about how feel with many so called weight loss products. It's not a new thing, given the fact that for years many companies have been trying to sell waves and waves of products. Some are okay, however for the most part they are all a scam or useless, regardless of the intentions of the creators of such products.

I know I have my opinion and you have yours, I respect that. But I share with you my thoughts today in perhaps a controversial way (and I know I'm gonna get it from some people), first of all because it's my blog and I can do whatever I want. Yet more importantly though its because it has everything to do with you, your life, health and fitness expectations.

Let me tell you what happened today. I go to lunch to Geckos, had myself a decent meal with a mixture of healthy carbs, some veggies and protein (chicken) as I would be training hard in about hour and half later.

As I wait I find myself watching ESPN on the TV, exchanging e-mails and text messages with several clients and my brother. You know same oh, same oh; just going about my business, eating and scooping the place out.

From where I'm seated I can see this other table where there were a lot of people. It seemed like a business lunch or so.  I noticed all of them were wearing some sort of uniform, color coded. I suddenly noticed this lady had on the back of her shirt: "tighten, tone & firm... ask me how". I figured it's one of those shirts with stuff on it, we all wear crazy things. But then I noticed that 3 more had the same thing in the back of their shirt, so this was no coincidence.I got curious, walked up to them and ask what it was about (as I approached I already knew what it was, however I had been noticed by them so it was too late, couldn't turn back).

It ends up being another so called "weight loss" product. The lady is like 'oh you look fit and you can probably make a lot of money by selling our stuff and becoming and independent distributor'.... I'm like What the....

So we got into it as to how their supplements and wraps and whatever else they were selling. I told them I though they are useless. Maybe you can detoxify here and there, have some vitamins that give you energy, bla bla bla. I get it, but to tell me that those products will get you fit, healthy and help you lose weight and drop fat... I'm not buying it. She got mad, especially since we where in the middle of the restaurant.


Everyone in sitting in their table WAS OVERWEIGHT & FAT!!! And they are the companies ambassador for weight loss... WTF!!!!

And I told her, you must be crazy, nothing will replace eating solid nutrition and exercise. And she's like we too tell people  that in order to be successful they must eat healthy and exercise. I told her from the looks of it, it's not working.

She got offended, but excuse me if after months of using this you and everyone else is still fat, overweight and some where even obese... it doesn't works, period. Plus if you would've seen what they had in their plates. French fries, chicken wings dipped in ranch dressing, pizza rolls, fried chicken, rice, tortillas, sodas and ice tea!!! Again WTF!!!

I was about to take a snap shot of the table and what they where eating so you could see what these so called weight loss consultants where eating. But I figured that would be taking it to another level, plus if they weren't happy then, that would definitely make them angry as hell.

I told them from where I stand you should be ashamed. I couldn't take it anymore so I paid my meal and left. When I got to the gym they where like Ed, you look upset and all worked up so I gave them the same story I telling you.

So seriously: Who Do They Think They Are?

Listen this blog post is controversial and I may take some heat from many people, I already know that. But the reality is that there's many people around you and me selling and saying a lot of crap that miss informs the poor people who know no better.

Through the years I've seen them all from phony trainers, crappy gym places, Dr's who really don't care about your health rather to how to squeeze every dollar from you (some of these very unhealthy and unrealistic weight loss pills), I mean how in the world is just eating 500 calories a day the way to get fit and healthy?

Will you seriously get in shape, tone, ripped and healthy by shaking a 2.5 pound dumbbell, C'MON! Then we have our traditional MLM companies who've been around for ages selling every single product you can imagine claiming its the latest weight loss program. From pills, to vitamins, shakes, body wraps, and other skin care products.   

And those who fall prey to it, almost always end up discouraged because nothing works. Let me tell you once and for all it's all crap, useless and most of them are designed to be a ripoff.

Most of the CEO, employees and/or distributors know it, and still push their stuff down your throat. The people who know less about the body, fitness, health, what works and what doesn't works are the ones almost always selling this stuff. That's why I ask myself: Who Do They Think They Are?

I think they, in general, are full of shit. How come no self respected fitness trainer, doctor, therapist, or just an overall health professional ever sells this stuff? It's because no self respected professional would ever lined up their names to such a thing.

Don't let yourself fall prey to silly marketing and rip off gadgets. While I don't claim to be the only expert or the one and only to know it all; I've been fortunate to be coached by master minds and share the same principles that have  helped me be successful with my clients and those who seek my advice. Exercise and solid nutrition doesn't fails... period!

Do not allow them or they to tell you what works or what doesn't works. Be an smart consumer. But most importantly take care of your own business through proper nutrition and regular exercise.

If you do this in the first place... they will be the one's coming to you for advice down the road.

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