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Tuesday, August 03, 2010

The Decision: Exclusive Interview with Thomas Lorenzo

The suspense surrounding Thomas Lorenzo free agency has come to an end. AP reports that Thomas Lorenzo is headed to Dell.

And in an exclusive interview Fitlorenzo was able to sit down with Thomas Lorenzo and find out what was going through his mind. When asked what's new he only said "its been exciting this whole process". Due to the unprecedented attention and interest sorrounding Thomas Lorenzo decision we have decided to make this announcement on a international level, using the Internet.

What have you thought about this process?
Thomas: This process was not easy. These types of decisions involve many things, what type of products and services will I provide my loyal customers? Can I generate enough income to help those around me like my family, my friends, and my community? There’s a lot of stress on making this type of decision because it’s not about the money but what am I representing....

FL: Have you enjoyed the free agency process?
Thomas: Yeah it allowed me to focus on business, life, soul searching, my overall fitness conditioning... I've lost weight, I gave myself time to become a better me and thanks to the Fitlorenzo Training System I am reaching that goal. Ed as my fitness and personal coach he kept me focused and motivated through this journey... I also got a lot of support from friends and family so at the end I am a better person...

FL: Did you know from the beginning that Dell was your destination?
Thomas: I was leaning towards Dell; they give me the best opportunity to help my customer’s succeed. But we had looked at options in Florida, Puerto Rico and even Costa Rica. But at the end Dell demonstrated my same passion to excellence and commitment to be great.

FL: Now that you have landed at Dell… What's next?
Thomas: Hard work! We are assembling a dream team if you will, so I will do some recruiting to make sure we get the players that we need to reach our goals and take the company to the next level. I guarantee my work and my service always, so I need the players around me that want to play at that level.

FL: Did you consult someone or maybe who has been your biggest influence?
Thomas: Wow that’s a hard one, so many people where part of the process. My mom, my brother and trainer Ed and even customers that have become friends helped me get to this point. People like Roberto Adelardi, Javier Alapont, Jean Hernandez, Silverio Saladin, Henry Chavarria and so many others... Like I mention it was a tough journey so I needed to be in fit condition both mentally and physically. Ed gave me a good beating with his online program a new life style that helped me get from 225 down to 194. When you're fit you are also energize, you’re ready for anything and that’s how I feel today, ready to help my customers reach their goals as Ed help me reach mine.

FL: How does this affect the rest of the league in your opinion?
Thomas: Look out… We are doing history. We are going after it really hard. One of my goals this year is to help us win the Customer Satisfaction award and we going for it all. I have lots of friends on other teams but when you step out on the field your customer doesn’t want to know about your friends they want results. AND WE ARE GOING FOR IT!!!

FL: Do you have any additional comments you'd like to add?
Thomas: Yes I want to thank everyone in this process this journey… I want to thank Dell for putting me in this position to succeed. Thanks to my customers – all we do is for your success and we will continue with that tradition in Dell. And thanks to Ed and Fitlorenzo, they gave me the support, the faith, the new life style. I recommend anyone that wants to take he’s or her life to the next level GET ON BOARD WITH FITLORENZO…

Fitlorenzo wants to thank Thomas Lorenzo for his time in this exclusive interview. Also we want to thank all of our readers and folks who have tuned in for this broadcast. Proceeds of this event will go somewhere.

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  1. I want to thank everyone that has supported us during this process including some of my closes friends: Tjader, Victor Cerdas, Roberto Adelardi, Silverio, my family, Jean and so many others. Want to also thank Dell for believing in me and my talents... now let’s go build a champion!