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Sunday, July 04, 2010

Motivation For Fitness Success

So we started on January talking about your 2010 goals and resolutions; midway through March we had a heart to heart talk about this and tried to figure out if where still on track. So now, looking back we are half way through with 2010. My question to you is: how close are you to reaching your goals?

On a personal note I’m still working on mine. I’ve had my ups and downs through the year between injuries, business and personal decisions that have taken place; which means I don’t feel I’m where I was supposed to be. I will then make a plan of action to keep moving forward or catch up with the goals that I have let slide. But when things don’t go the way you expect it’s easy to get un-motivated.

Maybe looking back at your health and fitness resolutions, you find that it seems that things just move at a long snail’s pace. And when you start to feel unmotivated because of everything that’s going on in your life or by not being able to catch up with your goals, it’s hard to get going again! It happens to all of us.

But let me tell you: It isn't too late to start or to catch back up if you have been a little slow. All you need is to jumpstart your engine, reengage yourself, and get pumped to keep going. Here are some things to help you go the distance, keep you focus and help you stay motivated:

Find your inspiration again: There are many things that can get us inspired. Some people read books, blogs, magazines or other materials regarding someone else who has overcome adversity or some other challenge and suddenly changed their lives and reach their fitness goals. Others speak to people and learn of their efforts to promote change in their own lives. Whatever your method for becoming inspired, embrace it! You will feel empowered and inspired to keep going.

Reset your goals and focus on them: Sometimes 24 hours is not enough to get things done in a day, and that can make us feel stressed out and unfocused. Sometimes the problem is we try to do too much. One thing I’ve done recently is develop my “to do list” with the most important things or thing at the top. That way even if I get one thing done, that way I know I did the most important thing. The message: choose one goal, focus on that goal, make a plan for it and execute it.

Psych yourself up: Sometimes, no matter how bad you know you need it, you just can’t get yourself moving. Plus it’s hard to be excited by something that represents a lot of work and that you seem to be fighting with over time, especially if you hit a plateau in your program. But when it comes to health and fitness, your state of mind is everything. Things that will help you could be something like change your routine, find a workout buddy, and try something new like training for something such as marathon or maybe a 5K or an event to raise money for a charity. Join a fitness group, such as gym or boot camp program. There are some that really provide a lot of inspiration and support from the other group members.

Make yourself accountable: One way to do this is by publicizing it to other people. Tell your friends, your family, and your coworkers or just post it online in Facebook, your blog or something. People will ask you about how your fitness program is coming along. You will want to have something to share with them; plus it makes it even harder to quit on your program.

Embrace the challenge: Nothing worth it comes easy. Understand that you will hit a road block along the road. Understand that hard work, consistency and making changes in your life are part of your journey to a better you. Sometimes what you need is a good kick in the butt, a reality call… a call to action. When that happens, call someone who inspires and can motivate you, get you up and back on track.

Reward yourself: It’s great that you have set goals and have worked hard to accomplish them, but I think it’s equally important to reward yourself once you reach them. When you achieve them, give yourself a nice ‘present’. Make the reward meaningful to you… Just a word of advice, don’t use food as your reward; especially if it’s crapy food.

Power of Positive Thinking: How you feel about yourself is what you project to others and to yourself. This is especially true when trying to keep your focus on reaching your goals. Believe in yourself, Take charge of your life and do something about it. No matter how many times you feel you need to restart the process to a better you, understand that being healthy and fit is a life long journey. Even when we fail… we grow, we get better, we learn, we fall but we always get back up!

“I’ve missed more than 9000 shots in my career. I’ve lost almost 300 games. 26 times, I’ve been trusted to take the game winning shot and missed. I’ve failed over and over and over again in my life. And that is why I succeed.” — Michael Jordan

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