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Thursday, July 15, 2010

Be true to yourself and reach your goals

One of my friends in their Facebook status, was wondering if the truth had become irrelevant nowadays. It made me think how people have lost their edge, their integrity.

Integrity... now there's a concept to live by.

That is something I've learned from a very young age; something that my mom drilled into my head.

It all comes down to your actions, your core values and principles. Something that I feel is a true part of who I am. Granted, like every other human I make mistakes and I need to learn so much more. I guess time and experience will help me along the way.

Now looking at the bigger picture: some people just don't get it, and if you look around you will notice this to be true. There is lack of integrity and loyalty in family, friends and even in business relationships. Sometimes there's even a lack of integrity to ourselves.

By integrity I mean that we don't compromise who we are, it means that even the smallest details always matters, we say what we mean and do what we say no matter what, no matter the consequences... we don't look to blame others, rather we take responsibility and make ourselves accountable, we tell the truth even when its difficult. Most people rather not, so the sad part is that integrity is not a common thing.

And although it is not in my power to help and change everyone, I am true to myself and true to the people who put their trust and lives in my hands and let me help them get into the best shape of their lives.

I could go on a rant and talk about the lack of integrity in business, life... a lack of character in many people who have cross my path. But just like I've mentioned in this article let me stay true to who I am and keep this focused on where we needed the most: our health and overall fitness level.

Let me ask you: how well are at keeping your own promises? or do you sabotage yourself with destructive habits and behavior? Do you remember your new year resolutions? have you kept your word?

That's what some experts have come to call "personal integrity" - in other words how well you keep your word to yourself.

Remember when you said at the start of the year that you would lose weight, work hard at it, that you would start or resume your exercise program, that you also make better eating choices and start healthy habits... so tell me: have you kept your word?

Do you actually wake up early in the morning and go for a run, or go and workout, do you eat well and plan your day according to your goals? Personal Integrity won't allow you to slack, there's no excuses, even when you don't feel like it... you get up and just do it!

Or are you the type of person who says, "I don't feel like it today... hmmm it looks like it might rain I better stay home, I'm too tired, I'm not motivated"... Personal Integrity means you honor your word to yourself.

I could never imagine hearing Lance Armstrong say to himself "today I don't feel like, I won't run the tour, screw my goals, forget the plan, who cares about winning and being the best"... NO! He says: LIVE STRONG... HE NEVER QUITS NO MATTER WHAT. And he has been know to prove this in his sports career and his personal life.

For example when you join a sports team the goal is always to win, I mean why else do we keep scores... But the promise is to represent, to give your all, do your best no matter the outcome you will play hard, you will compete... win or lose "you never quit".

Whatever the goal you set for yourself, you must find ways to stay motivated and reach them. Don't let other people tell you otherwise; sometimes with good intentions others try to dissuade us from our goals or bring us down. Always be true to yourself and believe in yourself.

Hold yourself accountable; but don't just 'talk the talk'... you better 'walk the walk'.

Always live up to the expectation, even if you are alone and there's no one around. Your personal integrity and confidence will grow and make you stronger, will help make you a better person and ultimately will help you reach your goals.

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