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Wednesday, February 25, 2009

What Is The Equation For Fitness Success?

If there is a question I get every single day from gym members, family, friends, different folks at the grocery store, it almost always comes down to one thing; and I’m telling you even from the newbie trainees to those who’ve been in the gym for some time: what is the secret to rapid results? Is there any magic trick or quick fixes to get there fast?

Truth be told, we all want a that beach body overnight. Women want to wear their bikinis; men want to bench press 300 pounds or so, deadlift 3 times their bodyweight in two weeks of beginning their training program. Let’s face it everyone wants a six pack abs without having to counting calories, right?

The problem is that most are lost in this sea of information and the hype that is floating around about this diet or that one; do I eat carbs, more protein, is fat bad for me, etc, etc; that most just go from one to the other with little to no knowledge. Some say, “I’ll eat what I want but, how about interval training, or 1 or 2 hours of cardio… is a mile or two long enough? Why aren’t I loosing more weight?

Although there are many supplements and treatments out there that claim will get you there, most of them will just “supplement” whatever you are currently doing. If you are not doing good on your own or nothing at all then forget it they won’t even work. The fact is that there is no secret to getting that sexy physique or building muscle and losing fat. It takes commitment, consistency, hard and smart work, plus common sense to not over do it.

Building an incredible physique takes time and determination. It's actually quite simple, and for the regular fitness enthusiast, 3-4 training sessions per week is going to be all they really need to achieve their physique and or fitness goals. Combine a good training routine of basic compound movements with a healthy dietary approach, and I can just about guarantee your success. Usually 6 to 12 weeks is plenty of time to start noticing some real results. Of course everyone has a different body composition, health and needs of your own. Regardless you should manage and see some good results. If you don’t see results chances are you are missing on something or probably just need a little help to push over that plateau.

If you need advice on your exercise, cardiovascular and nutrition programs you can visit me at Electra Health Club and Spa or e-mail me with questions/comments. I would love to hear from you!

Eduardo Lorenzo – NASM-CPT; specializes in sports performance, injury prevention, corrective exercises, physique enhancement and weight loss programs

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